Contest Time – Appleblossom ft. Paalav Sarees


It is Contest Time at Appleblossom…

Paalav Sarees, a label started by Vidya Janakiraman, a comedy show producer , ex RJ and a saree lover, is a name synonymous with handlooms. If you like south cotton sarees from Tamil Nadu, then this is the upcoming brand to check out for.

Vidya Janakiraman has taken love too seriously and has decided to spread some of it.. Paalav sarees is celebrating this Valentine’s day by gifting one of their precious saree to one of you lucky reader !


Red Handwovern South Cotton Saree with Floral & Mango motifs

To win this six yards of elegance, all you have to do is:

1. Follow Paalav sarees & Appleblossom on Facebook

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3. Tell us what colour blouse / crop top will you style this with ?

4. Do not forget to use the hashtag #appleblossomXpaalavsarees

Once you’ve followed Paalav Sarees and us on social media, leave a simple ‘Done’ along with your answer in the comment section below.

Now, the rules!

– All comments will be pending moderation until contest closes.
– Contest closes on 12th February 2017
– We will pick one winner from a random draw from the pool of qualified entries from the blog comment section. We will not entertain any preferences.
– One entry per person only on the blog please.
– Giveaway open only to Indian residents and you have to be above 18 to enter.

Good luck!


Needle by Shefali & Khushali


Indian Textiles have become uber trendy and in vogue since past few months. The designers across the country are actively on the revival mode of ‘Indian Fabric and Crafts’, good for the local weavers and artisans for sure. ‘Handcrafted’ and ‘Organic’ are the current flavour of the Fashion world.Amidst the clutter of the burgeoning fashion brands, I chance encountered this home-grown label called ‘Needle’ in Ahmedabad.

What caught my attention was the minimalist design element in ‘Needle’ along with the use of words.On inquiring further, I came across Shefali, Co-founder of Needle, who apparently is an engineer now turned into a copy-writer after studying at MICA.

She along with her sister Khushali co-founded the brand ‘Needle’- a brand that consciously uses only Indian textiles while giving contemporary silhouettes to create the freshness in each line.

In an exclusive interaction with Shefali, we got to know about their brand philosophy, their take on ‘Make in India’ initiative and ‘Plagiarism’.

Read on to know more about them…


Grey with red pop-up

1. Can you elaborate on the Origins of ‘Needle’?

Needle is a collective of writers, designers and craftsmen trying to stitch the versatility of traditional crafts with contemporary designs, but in vogue.

Traditional crafts have lost relevance due to globalization. And just like the crafts, craftsmen too are facing serious challenges trying to keep pace with modernization. Needle is trying to help these craftsmen do what they do best – make handcrafted goods of the finest quality.

2 So who is the team behind Needle ?

Two mad sisters and a bunch of extremely talented artists is what Needle comprises. An engineer cum writer from MICA ( Shefali) and an MBA grad from NIRMA (Khushali) decided to come up with Needle while waiting outside a trial room. They saw cloned branded closets roaming around them and decided to come up with something that’ll be exclusive, something stylish, and something that’s Indian.

Since then, from turning a concept into a design, from choosing the materials to final production, either or sometimes, every part of our process is handcrafted. Every artisan writes his part of the story and passes it to the other. In the end, all the stories combine to form a unique story – a unique product.

3. What is the Needle audience like?

We would not like to limit ourselves with any particular age/style/group. Needle does not promote any fashion or tradition; it’s promoting a belief, a belief of being different, a belief of making a difference. Anyone and everyone who believes the same is our clientele.

4. How often do you create new lines – twice a year, more or is it bespoke?

Since we customise products for our clients, something new is being handcrafted almost every week.  However, for freshness sake, we keep updating our product line every two months.

5. What is the inspiration for your latest range of ‘Needle’?

Our inspiration behind our new collection was simple – it’s not just a dress. It’s a lot more. And it has to be perfect. Imagine, the first impression that one will make when they meet you wearing that dress. It’ll be your travel companion, a part of your memories and more than anything, a company that’ll be with you when you find love, adventure or happiness. It’s never just a dress.


Black with red pop-up

6. What is the philosophy behind the fabrics and colours used in this line?

We only use naturally dyed fabrics. Sometimes we select a design-block that is prepared by our craftsmen, sometimes we give him our design-blocks to print. Like we said, it’s a process where we collaborate to create products that would not just appeal to the buyer, but also allow these craftsmen to view their craft in a completely unique way.


Black with Print pop

7. What are your views on the ‘Make in India’ campaign and ‘Revival of handlooms’ by the government?

Traditional textiles have lost relevance due to globalization. We, in whatever way we can, wish and are working towards bringing back the love for traditional textiles.

8. What are your views on ‘Inspiration led Plagiarism’ that is rampant in design sector?

It’s evident and can hardly be controlled. We take it as a form of flattery though. Like it’s said, original is original, a copy is always a copy. Let the client decide what he/she wishes to promote.

9. Where can the customers buy your products from? 

We are coming up with a store in Ahmadabad shortly. Otherwise one can always write to us about what they wish to buy at or
It’s important we talk with our clients to hear their preferences while customizing their products. Once we agree, they make the payment and we courier them their product.

10. Hollywood or Bollywood?

Without a doubt, Bollywood.

11. Classy chic or Quirky fun?

A bit of both.

12.Luxury cruise in Monaco or adventurous moon watching in Mawsynram?

Adventurous moon walking, there’s a better chance of finding life there.

13.Vintage charm or Futuristic?

Vintage charm.

14.Mainstream or offbeat or offbeat mainstream?

No mainstream. Strictly offbeat. It’s tough but we believe that whatever we create needs to have a something offbeat about it.

15.Dog lover or cat lover?

Elephant lover to be precise. Otherwise animal lovers in general.

In addition to apparels, Needle also customizes bags and shoes for those who are interested in their bespoke-wear.



Hope you liked what you saw here. In case traditional textile and contemporary silhouette is your thing, do look out for these two sister led brand Needle on Facebook.

My two penny as a Stylist and Trend Spotter

Traditional fabrics and handlooms as the base for Fashion will still go on for a year or two more. The designers will then have to evolve beyond the block prints and ikats. Everyone looks for something fresh and new. As of now, the traditional fabrics and prints are done to death. For those of you who follow the blog regularly, be with me and lets see if this forecast holds true in coming years 🙂

See you soon with another update, till then, Keep it Stylish 🙂


Saree Tales from Sri Lanka –

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Have you ever thought that you were born too late ? Probably you wanted to be a 60’s or a 70’s child ?

I have felt it innumerable times, the strong urge to be a part of the cultural movement in the 60’s and 70’s – of the equality, of social justice, of exploration, of disco music, of pop & bohemian fashion, of Hindi art cinema and of slow life.  Of a time when listening to Akashwani radio playing the favourite tunes brought in the biggest smile, when sipping chai on a rocking cane chair in the verandah filled with flowers was just about a daily routine and of the time when options were lesser, but life was fuller. 

So while I was living, loving the #30daysareelove phase and indulging myself in the slow life that I was trying to build around me, I came across this earthy and classic e-commerce portal from Sri Lanka that promoted the local talent, local artisans and crafts – is the venture started by Linda Speldewinde,a leader in development of Fashion industry in Sri Lanka & founder of Academy of Design, Peshakala and Sri Lanka Design Festival, in 2015.  One look at this e-commerce portal and you would know that this site is here to stay, promoting the indigenous textiles of Sri Lanka in the modern silhouettes to suit the needs of the global audience. They create apparels & accessories for both men and women by collaborating with designers from the Academy of Design and promoting local crafts forms – Dumbara weaving and Batik dyeing in the contemporary forms and clean cuts. Sustainability & up-cycling is the core philosophy of

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion,, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat

Perfect Office wear : The vertical & horizontal stripes in grey & red with a crop top

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion,, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Evening Date : Blue Sapphire mixed with shades of grey

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion,, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Art Soiree : Elegant tones of deep and light beige teamed with a deep toasted coffee khadi crop top

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion,, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Office Wear : Maroon & Grey Marble saree with traditional Sri Lankan Batik print

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion,, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Brunch date : Pale pink rose saree teamed with black & white monochrome crop top

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion,, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Luxe party : This cream ivory handwoven saree teamed with monochrome schemed top brings in the luxe glam.

What I like : has the most interesting collection of sarees, besides their other range of apparels. Sarees that can be worn from day to night, from office wear to party wear and even friend’s wedding wear with right accessories and styling. Each designer of has ensured to keep the overall design sense minimalist & muted.

For me brights colour schemes work the best, however, the under toned and earthy colours of each saree interested me more in them. They brought in the ‘old world charm’ for me, the feeling that I was describing at the start of the blog.

Style Tips :

  1. Play with the designs of the blouse- crop top, high neck blouse, collared shirt, angarkha top or a peter-pan collared top. 
  2. Team it with tribal silver accessories for the brunch, evening party or a casual outing.
  3. Team it with simple pearls or gold studs for an office wear look.

Do write in to us if you liked this brand & the blog post. I would love to hear your comments.

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Until next post. 




#30daySareeLove woven in looms across India



The six yards of sheer pleasure of breathable cottons, crisp silks, buttery chiffons. Wearer’s delightful zing. Observer’s palpable curiosity mixed with wonder.

So, since when did wearing a saree became the conversation starter ?

Maybe since 2014 I guess.

After the initial admiration of the saree and style, the immediate question I received was ‘Is there some social function ? Are you celebrating Traditional day ?’

And every time I kept negating the cliched questions. No, I honestly love wearing sarees, I would answer and try explain the much obvious love.

What exactly happened to the societal ideas of daily wear dressing? It made me think.

The globalization did impact the aesthetics of Indians. There was a paradigm shift from draping sarees to quickly tying sulwar kameezes in the 70’s. Later denims took over the markets and seeped in the daily Indian wear. Most of Indian homes would have witnessed this change . The way ‘moms’ progressed from wearing cotton sarees as a daily wear to easy breezy sulwar kameez and then to the quintissential ‘Kurti’ and denims showcases the evolution of fashion in Indian culture. The society saw a progressive shift and adaptations became easier and acceptable.

The Fashion journey from the days of Smita Patil’s muted cotton khadi sarees to Madhuri’s trendy sulwar kameez, from Deepika’s Kurti & distressed denims to back to Kalki Koechelin’s linen sarees, has been mesmerizing for me indeed.

Wearing ‘kurti’ or ‘Blouson’ and denim is the norm of the day. For the trendy fashionistas who love the fads, it is the latest ‘dress’ or ‘skirt’ available on the Myntra’s and the Jabong’s or well, hail the local tailor.

Saree thus is the modern fashion Disruptor.

No wonder it became the focal point of conversations for the 30 days when I decided to wear saree to work. Yes #30daysareelove was my way of professing love for these six yards that I have so lovingly collected from places far & flung. Curating & collecting sarees from different regions of India became almost like an obsession. Beg, borrow, steal was the mantra for these 30 days and a friend who also is a saree lover was at the rescue. I ended up borrowing and well buying. Let’s leave the beg and steal part for now. From the local block prints of Gujarat to Puneri chequered cottons, from the Bengal cotton Tant to Mysore cotton silk, from the ikats of Orissa to the weaves of North east, from the white Kerala Onam saree to the trendy pastel chiffons, I wore it all for the love of #30daysareelove.

Meanwhile I read about the 100sareepact, a movement started by Ally Matthan and Anju Kadam who shared the same saree love. They were out there narrating their saree story through this pact. More & more women joined in and it almost translated into a movement, to bring in the old, to indulge in the comfort of the known and to bask in the slow life of yesteryears.

Here in Gujarat, I lived my #30daysareelove.


Soft Grey North Eastern weave teamed with Mashru Red silk blouse and Coin Jewellery



Traditional off-white Onam Saree with gold border teamed with olive green gajji silk bouse 


Puneri Cotton saree in Aqua blue checks teamed with a Black linen blouse 


Green & Red traditional colours in cotton blend teamed with ivory silk blouse 


Bubble-gum pink Bengal Tant saree teamed with a denim blouse 

You might want to reinvent this fashion disruptor in 2016. Take some cues from these style tips and add some quirk to the desi handlooms.

Style Tips :

  1. Saree can be fun wear if you experiment a little with colours and styles. Try monochromes, colour blocks and absolute contrasts when you team the Blouse.
  2. Say no to the standard blouses. Opt for smart crop tops in denims, lace, batik and khadi.
  3. Wear the saree over a collared shirt if you want to stand out.
  4. Opt for floral angarkha with plain linens/chiffon sarees.

If you too are a saree lover and want to contribute/comment in this saree narrative, feel free to  email me on

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Until next post.




Traditional Love


Do I contradict myself ? Yes more often than not.

But in the past few months I have realized this one fact of life which might be true for one and all – Why do I have to select ? Why do I have to choose stereotypes ? Why can’t I be a multitude of all ?  In the maze of life’s puzzles which it keeps throwing at me , I also keep figuring what is it that I like in Fashion . Clean cuts , symmetry, colors , silhouettes, western attires or Traditional wears. I have come to a conclusion ,which is also as vague as its thought process, that I like everything depending on the mood and the occasion.

So this post will let you skim through the colors, cuts and silhouettes which caught my attention in this season’s Lakme Fashion Week.



One word for this lehenga – Ethereal. Pristine whites and sublime salmon pink add but a hint of celestial world to its dainty wearer. Perfect for the best friend’s wedding or your very own reception. You could team it with statement Pearl jewellery and real lotus for the added pizzazz.



Call it a floor length Anarkali style dress or a Lehenga. I dig it completely for the usage of solid colors and rich Indian textiles which makes it look splendid. Apple red silk mixed with eggplant purple yolk front and back , trimmed with dull gold borders – A Regal Visual delight for the Queen of 21st century.

Aah well , So I would like to believe about myself.



This saree captured the attention for its Blouse styling. Sleeveless jacket style blouse which can be used later to dress/layer a long maxi dress, Jumpsuit or a plain tee to render an interesting twist to the look. Perfect deal for a pooja invite , a relaxed dinner-do or just an evening out for a play.

Stripey Affair

Stripey Affair

Now this is an absolute Out-of-box thinking by Sabyasachi .

Mix stripes in a perfect retro style blouse with satin silk drape saree in pastel shades and add lace work – a recipe for experimentation in true style. I would definitely want to wear this. Very young and flirtatious look for the Gen-X .

With so much of variety to choose between Ethereal divinity, Regal Bloom, Folksy art and stripey affair , who would want to just stick to western silhouettes ? Not me. I embrace Traditional Love with open arms , well maybe this is just the beginning of my new obsession.

See you soon guys. Till then , Keep it Stylish always 🙂