Budget Shopping – All under 5000

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Haven’t we all fashion lovers drooled over the latest runway looks while secretly wishing for a genie to grant us the wish to own all of it? If it was a movie, Richard Gere would have come to the rescue in best case scenario or on not-so-sunny days, one would have gone broke like Rebecca Bloomwood from ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’.

But real life is a tad different. One struggles with the dilemma of avoiding the credit card bill nightmare while consciously pushing away the nagging feeling of being unable to shop that ‘Oh so Diva-esque’ look.

What if we gave you a cheat sheet to shop smart and look glamorous – all under 5000?

Yes, under 5000 only. 

It is actually easy to build a stylish wardrobe without spending a bomb.

First step is to divide the budget into five categories that create a complete look – Top, bottom, shoes, bag and fashion accessories.

  • Tops

Most of all online fashion portals have a section dedicated to products under 500. While you may need time and eye for details to find the right one, you can definitely purchase a classic piece under 500. In case the top that you are eyeing for isn’t under 500, we say wait… The stocks recycle every quarter and you will be able to buy the same top at discount after a month.  Penny saved is penny earned, isn’t it?  Buy from trusted portals to ensure the fabric quality though.

Check – Stalkbuylove, Bhane, Ajio

  • Bottoms

Women have multitude of options in bottom wear – be it a denim, jeggings, slacks, cotton pants, long skirt, denim skirt, flared pants or culottes. Trust us, all these can be bought under 999 if you care to search it well. Fashion Retail sector works on discounts in India – there is either a festive discount or seasons discount or long weekend discount. Wait for one, always.

Alternatively government handloom stores are the best bet for high quality handloom fabric and affordable rates. You know where to buy your next cotton skirts, culottes and flared pants from now, don’t you ?

Check – Gurjari, Rajasthan Emporium, Cotton World, Fab India

  • Shoes

The point about shoes is that they ought to be comfortable besides looking chic. Multi-retail format stores offer the best range of footwear in budget range. Opt for the rad white sneakers or comfy espadrilles, boho chic kolhapuris or classic ballet flats – all under 899. Certain online fashion portals offer 2 pairs under 899, quite a steal deal, right? If you choose to order online, do measure your foot size correctly to avoid returning of products.

Check – Streetstylestore, Ajio, Keri , Westside

  • Bag

Bags are best bought during your travel trips to different destinations. Udaipur sells the quintessential tan leather satchel bags under 1000. Streets of Delhi and Mumbai offer quirky embroidered jhola bags under 700. For the suave ones, check the clearance section of high street stores like Promod, H&M and Zara. They have mind boggling deals. Our shoestring shopper advice – pick them in all colours, if on discount, certain product are for keeps.

Check – Colaba Causeway, Janpath, Promod, H&M, Zara

  • Accessories

The best way to buy accessories in budget is through smart street shopping. Head on to the old city and be prepared to rummage through the treasure trove of the street vendors.  Do bargain, always. Also, there are interesting Facebook groups like Urban Tribal where sellers from across the country share their products along with price. Owing to competition, prices are very modest. One can buy the latest design statement neckpiece in german silver along with nose pin, earrings and finger ring, all under 1500. For the quirky ones, always check out flea markets in the city. You will bump into a new designer every time who is creating interesting jewellery.

Check – Pipa Bella, bylanes of old city, flea markets

If you dont believe this, check out my Instagram page here for daily style inspiration in budget fashion ( Well that one is almost always less than 2000) – Falguni Patel ( TheF_world )

( PS – This article was originally produced for and published in FEMINA Gujarat Edition. This is the unedited version)


Summer of 2017


While there are endless summer songs that paint the summers as the vacation season by the beach side, enjoying the sun and sipping martinis; the reality in India is far off from the music composers’ picturesque summer. The sun shines in its full glory raising the temperatures to 45 degree and beyond.

In such a situation, it is but prudent that comfort rules over fast-forward styles. Come summer and the fashionistas gear up for the sacred ritual of revamping the wardrobe as per the seasonal demands. The idea is to check the basics from the past stock and add few seasons’ delights to create a brand new summer wardrobe.

Fabric selection should precede the form of the style. Soft mul cottons, breathable khadi and classic linen are the go-to fabrics for the harsh Indian summers.

Summer fashion evokes the photographic images of girls wearing frilly peasant blouses and denim shorts in the green fields. But summer fashion is more than that, isn’t it?

We recommend these 5 classic staples for the summer of 2017.

  1. Surreal White

The quintessential white enjoys the prime spot in summer fashion since centuries. Classic white peasant top in flowy cotton is an absolute must-have. Add some drama to your whites by opting for tops with bell sleeves, billow sleeves, puff sleeves or off shoulder cut. Detailing on the sleeves is the new wave of fashion this year.

For the classic fashion lovers, opt for chikankari long kurta and team it with pastels or citrus hues depending on your mood of the day.



  1. Flirty Florals

More often than not, fashion is inspired by nature, no wonder, summer bloom and florals go hand in hand. 70’s fashion has made a huge come-back since two years now and the flower-child-decade inspired fashion is here to stay. Why not add in some 70’s floral print dresses with bell sleeves to add sepia tones and retro vibes to your polaroids? Opt for floral maxi dresses for quick brunch with friends and short shift dress for an evening party. Tangerine orange, Mint green, sea blue, woody brown, lime yellow and bubble gum pink are the colours to watch for.





  1. Boho Skirts

Long skirts make for a perfect ensemble for indie fashion lovers. Nomad inspired bright floral prints, ajrakh print, tie & dye, bandhani, ikat or leheriya – choose from an array of Indian crafts skilfully used in this easy breezy silhouette. Team it with long kurta or pair it with crop tops. For the fashion forward squad, add in a denim patch worked jacket to amp the boho-chic summer quotient and revel in the 70’s summers. Candy pink and canary yellow are the two colours to add in your boho -inspired summer wardrobe.



  1. Khadi Saree

Handloom sarees have made a huge come-back with an ever -increasing brigade of new age designers creating contemporary drapes. Cotton handlooms from Kolkatta, Ikat from Orissa, Chettinad South cotton from Tamil Nadu, Ajrakh block Print from Gujarat and Dabu print from Madhya Pradesh are perfect for cotton drapes. These are soft breathable fabrics, flowy and easy to carry through the day. Team it with denim shirts, off shouldered top or linen crop tops to add a little chutzpah to the styling. For the ones who love arty fashion, khadi linen sarees in neutral tones like beige, ivory, grey, blush pink and pale blue are a must have this summer season.


  1. Bottom basics

With the ever evolving fashion scenario, we have umpteen options to select for bottoms other than denims. Summer definitely calls for shorts in cottons and linens. Team them with nautical striped tee-shirts or pair with solid coloured loose cotton blouses. Eccentric prints in shorts are the new cool. Avoid body hugging denims and embrace dhoti, palazzo and harem pants in fluid drapes for the warm summers.  Androgynous fashion lovers can opt for cargos in olive green, navy blue, khakhi or taupe.


With these wardrobe staples, add your personal touch by styling with different scarves, vests, cover-ups, bandanas and hats.

We have got your basics right, haven’t we?

( PS – This is the unedited version of the article originally published in Femina Gujarat) 


Passport Gujarati Movie – Style Decoded


When one thinks of Gujarati movies from the yesteryears, the imagery that distinctly appears is of Naresh Kanodia in his shepherd kediyu and Snehlata in her ready-to-dance rental chaniya cholis. Typically set in the hinterlands of the state, the movies essentially had rustic aesthetics that were well accepted in the regional cinema. They were the trendsetters for Gujarati audience that waited for the movies with bated breath.The plot resonated with the rural population resulting in its popularity rising to the peak. However, with increased exposure to the Hindi & other regional cinema and changing lifestyles, the gap between the real life and reel life increased considerably.

The reel life was still stuck in the 80’s.

In 2012, the Gujarati movie industry witnessed a sea change in the way movies were being made. Suddenly the plots, characters and dialogues seemed real, as if carefully picked from our every day life experiences. Contemporary story lines depicting trials and tribulations of the new age youth, fresh faces and visually pleasing frames started dominating the Gujarati cinema. Directors started paying extra attention to visuals of the movie as the youth, their new audience, was heavily influenced by the aesthetic frames.

And with visuals, came fashion and styling.

Don’t we all remember Mumtaz’s look in ‘Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche’, Madhuri’s look in ‘Hum aapke hain kaun’, Karisma Kapoor in ‘Dil toh Paagal Hai’, Deepika Padukone in ‘Cocktail’& ‘Piku’ ?

The looks became memorable as they were carefully thought through and styled by the stylists of the movie.

I got the opportunity to style one such contemporary Gujarati movie this year – Passport.

It definitely was a maiden effort to style the movie characters. Challenges were umpteen considering the overall fraternity is still at its nascent stage in terms of acceptance of better visuals as a need and my understanding of the functioning of this fraternity. However Passport’s Director and Director of Photography were keen and focused on exploring better visuals in each frame, that made my job easier.

Passport is directed by Rajesh Sharma and produced by Vinman Productions. Starring Malhar Thakar (hot favourite of Gujarati Cinema), Anna Ador, Lipi Goyal, Ujjval Dave, Ashish Vashi and Jayesh More, Passport is the story of an American student who comes to Ahmedabad to explore the culture through education and loses her passport. It is essentially a comedy of errors.

Each character was different and had to have a unique style of dressing.

The brief was to keep it as real as possible and still create a style quotient.

( Images are a mix of Look-test that we did before the final look was finalized and few from the film sets)

Anna Ador,playing the role of Anna, is an American student who has come to Ahmedabad in educational exchange programme to study art. She gets inspired from Aditi’s ( Lipi Goyal) style. Hence her initial style in the movie is understated and chic; comprising of neutral toned western wear like casual Tee-shirts and cargo pants.

As the movie progresses, her style gradually transforms with addition of Indian quintessential elements like silver jewellery, stoles, skirts, kurta and palazzos. Since she is a foreigner, her colour palatte was kept neutral initially and later progressed to bright colours in Indian ethnics.


Malhar Thakar, the protagonist of the movie, plays the character of Kabir who is a happy-go-lucky person. He is street smart and rugged guy who is studying in creative field but also works as a house broker. His style needed to have easy and effortless feel wherein the character easily slips in and out from wearing trendy Tee-shirt and layered shirts to kurta and jeans. He looks every bit of a modern college going guy who likes to try his hand at different styles, albeit effortlessly.


Lipi Goyal plays the role of Aditi, who is friends with Kabir and Shyam ( played by Ujjwal Dave). She belongs to an affluent family and is an arty character. She loves to talk and dresses well. Her style is the one that will resonate with most of the college going girls who are high on fashion quotient.

Her style involves everything from today’s fashion world – Jeans & Shirts to Kurta , patiyala, skirts and palazzos. Accentuated with silver jewellery and bindi, Lipi’s style serves as an inspiration to Anna in the later part of the movie.


Ujjval Dave plays the role of Shyam; a guy who comes from small town who tries to fit in the big city culture. His dressing option was thus limited to only tee-shirts and jeans. The choice of his staid and just-about-there Tee-shirts was consciously made to make his character more real and relatable as a small town guy who is conscious to try different fashion trends.


Ashish Vashi plays the role of ‘Don’ who is keen to send his daughter off to the foreign shores for a better prospect. He is characterized as a Don who has lost his glory but still loves to bask in it while his two extra men keep feeding his bruised ego. To give an eerie feeling of a Don who uses one liners to make his point, Ashish Vashi was styled in overall white look – Pathani and white shoes accessorized with gold junk jewellery – chain, bracelet, watch and finger rings. Intermittently glares were used to create the comical essence.

Jayesh More plays the role of ‘thief’ who loves to call himself a ‘con artist’. Since stealing is his art form, the pre-requisite for his styling was that he needed to merge in the crowd. His clothes had to be as simple as possible; the one’s that you may encounter while passing through the narrow lanes of old city markets. His clothes thus had neutral and staid tones to it.  To add effect to his overall character, accessories like hand scarf were given to him.

I personally still feel, it is still a long way before Fashion Styling would become essential for Gujarati movies. Directors and Producers need to be sensitized for the need of better visuals in addition to strong content in the movie. Along with the need for better visuals comes the additional responsibility of hiring right talent for the work.

In case you have seen the movie, you might be able to share whether you liked the styling or not. In case you haven’t as yet, do watch it 🙂

( A big thank you to Harsh Vasanani for trusting my skills and the Costume Department team – Aneri Nihalani, Mittal and Palak for managing the shoot schedules for garments so well. Shout out to Make up artist Akash and Hair Stylist Nik for bearing with my quirks of Do’s and Don’ts and creating perfect looks for the characters)

#30daySareeLove woven in looms across India



The six yards of sheer pleasure of breathable cottons, crisp silks, buttery chiffons. Wearer’s delightful zing. Observer’s palpable curiosity mixed with wonder.

So, since when did wearing a saree became the conversation starter ?

Maybe since 2014 I guess.

After the initial admiration of the saree and style, the immediate question I received was ‘Is there some social function ? Are you celebrating Traditional day ?’

And every time I kept negating the cliched questions. No, I honestly love wearing sarees, I would answer and try explain the much obvious love.

What exactly happened to the societal ideas of daily wear dressing? It made me think.

The globalization did impact the aesthetics of Indians. There was a paradigm shift from draping sarees to quickly tying sulwar kameezes in the 70’s. Later denims took over the markets and seeped in the daily Indian wear. Most of Indian homes would have witnessed this change . The way ‘moms’ progressed from wearing cotton sarees as a daily wear to easy breezy sulwar kameez and then to the quintissential ‘Kurti’ and denims showcases the evolution of fashion in Indian culture. The society saw a progressive shift and adaptations became easier and acceptable.

The Fashion journey from the days of Smita Patil’s muted cotton khadi sarees to Madhuri’s trendy sulwar kameez, from Deepika’s Kurti & distressed denims to back to Kalki Koechelin’s linen sarees, has been mesmerizing for me indeed.

Wearing ‘kurti’ or ‘Blouson’ and denim is the norm of the day. For the trendy fashionistas who love the fads, it is the latest ‘dress’ or ‘skirt’ available on the Myntra’s and the Jabong’s or well, hail the local tailor.

Saree thus is the modern fashion Disruptor.

No wonder it became the focal point of conversations for the 30 days when I decided to wear saree to work. Yes #30daysareelove was my way of professing love for these six yards that I have so lovingly collected from places far & flung. Curating & collecting sarees from different regions of India became almost like an obsession. Beg, borrow, steal was the mantra for these 30 days and a friend who also is a saree lover was at the rescue. I ended up borrowing and well buying. Let’s leave the beg and steal part for now. From the local block prints of Gujarat to Puneri chequered cottons, from the Bengal cotton Tant to Mysore cotton silk, from the ikats of Orissa to the weaves of North east, from the white Kerala Onam saree to the trendy pastel chiffons, I wore it all for the love of #30daysareelove.

Meanwhile I read about the 100sareepact, a movement started by Ally Matthan and Anju Kadam who shared the same saree love. They were out there narrating their saree story through this pact. More & more women joined in and it almost translated into a movement, to bring in the old, to indulge in the comfort of the known and to bask in the slow life of yesteryears.

Here in Gujarat, I lived my #30daysareelove.


Soft Grey North Eastern weave teamed with Mashru Red silk blouse and Coin Jewellery



Traditional off-white Onam Saree with gold border teamed with olive green gajji silk bouse 


Puneri Cotton saree in Aqua blue checks teamed with a Black linen blouse 


Green & Red traditional colours in cotton blend teamed with ivory silk blouse 


Bubble-gum pink Bengal Tant saree teamed with a denim blouse 

You might want to reinvent this fashion disruptor in 2016. Take some cues from these style tips and add some quirk to the desi handlooms.

Style Tips :

  1. Saree can be fun wear if you experiment a little with colours and styles. Try monochromes, colour blocks and absolute contrasts when you team the Blouse.
  2. Say no to the standard blouses. Opt for smart crop tops in denims, lace, batik and khadi.
  3. Wear the saree over a collared shirt if you want to stand out.
  4. Opt for floral angarkha with plain linens/chiffon sarees.

If you too are a saree lover and want to contribute/comment in this saree narrative, feel free to  email me on drpatel.falguni@gmail.com

For more posts on #30daysareelove, Follow me on Instagram

Until next post.




English Brogues or Indian Juttis ?


Cinderella is a proof that new pair of shoes can change your life.

My ardent love for visuals and design transcends the barrier of a single dimensional art form. It translates seamlessly through Fashion & Lifestyle products and Home decor elements with the eyes of a fine curator who tastefully dabbles from one medium to the other, keeping the design and colors at the forefront.

Within the realms of style,if I was ever to name one element that would separate the Fashion forward fashionistas from the eternally stylish divas, it would have to be ‘SHOES’. Your footwear speaks a lot about your personality. Sigh, they talk too.

From the ethnic Kolhapuris to the Irish Brogues, from the French Ballet to the Audrey Hepburn Kitten heel, from the resplendent stilettos to the plain vanilla flip flops – all of these beauties have one thing in common – stunning designs to adorn the last tip of your body with careful detailing in the form of structure, style and colors.

My first tryst with shoe love was when I discovered ‘Sole Sisters’ – an Indian Blog dedicated to shoes, about six years back. Since then I have managed to spot and curate elegantly crafted footwear meticulously designed by the budding designers across the country. In today’s blog, I bring to you two fresh Footwear brands to watch out for in 2015.

  • Hats Off Accessories

Brogues, originally designed as country shoes with tiny holes in them so that water couldn’t reside in it for the countrymen of Ireland, are the latest on the Style circuit. With the passage of time, designs saw a sea change in the context of structure and material. Brogues turn on the green buzzer on the stylometer.

Hats Off Accessories, founded by Sunaina Harjai, Pearl Academy graduate, is one such brand that transports you to the old world British charm of flaunting the classic country air with its impeccably styled tan brogues and oxfords. They offer exquisitely designed and handcrafted leather footwear for both Men and Women. The brand’s love for the right balance of colours, design and details is reflected in their collection.

Ranging from basic ballerinas in neutral shades to classic loafers with tassel detailing, from desert boots with ice-cream pastels suede to boyfriend inspired brogues, Hats Off accessories seems to have nailed it just about right. I love them for their distinct minimalism, a trait so quintessential to British designs, coupled with a delectable colour palette to select from. Yes, Hats Off Accessories footwear is for keeps.

My picks from the brand are:

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Gujarat, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, Top Fashion Bloggers, Indieblogger, Footwear trends 2015, Hats off accessories, Pearl Academy, Brogues

Brogues for Women

Desert Boots in Mint Blue

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Gujarat, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, Top Fashion Bloggers, Indieblogger, Footwear trends 2015, Hats off accessories, Pearl Academy, Brogues

Desert Boots in Ice blue Shade

Their Men’s range is equally promising with range of designs to choose from their classic English laced up brogues to opulent suede slip ons.

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Gujarat, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, Top Fashion Bloggers, Indieblogger, Footwear trends 2015, Hats off accessories, Pearl Academy, Brogues , Men's Fashion,

Men’s Fashion – Classic Tan Brogues

You may check these beauties here on Jabong:

Hats Off Accessories

Follow them on Facebook here

  • Needledust

The journey to the surreal British countryside suddenly comes to a halt with the explosive burst of bright colours filling your senses with a heady mix of Indian rustiness, packed neatly in the form of Indian Juttis. Enter the magnificent world of Indian ethnic crafts and prep up the boho chic look by tastefully mixing these handcrafted Juttis with denims,maxis or patiyaalas.

Needledust, a bespoke luxury footwearline, founded by Shirin Mann Sangha, brings you these fabled Indian juttis with a fresh pop of colours. The brand boasts of luxury infused foot wear available for daily wear. With a coterie of artisans working across the country on the designs conceptualised by the founder, Needledust offers handcrafted and hand embroidered juttis with intricate detailing and comfort. Their design sensibilities highlight their fondness for the feminine shades of peaches, pinks and reds.

My favourite pick of the Needledust is their Summer Vintage collection with floral designs in pastel shades, a phenomenon quite unusual for the Indian Juttis. My penchant for British wall papers, floral designs and pastel shades is quite justified with this selection.

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Gujarat, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, Top Fashion Bloggers, Indieblogger, Footwear trends 2015, NeedleDust, Juttis, Floral, Vintage,

NeedleDust Floral Vintage Collection

Besides their range of Juttis – Sapphire, coral and pearl , should make way on the wish list for the weddings.

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Gujarat, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, Top Fashion Bloggers, Indieblogger, Footwear trends 2015, NeedleDust, Juttis, Floral, Vintage,

NeedleDust Wedding juttis

Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Gujarat, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, Top Fashion Bloggers, Indieblogger, Footwear trends 2015, NeedleDust, Juttis, Floral, Vintage,

Needledust Wedding Jutti

The much talked about Bollywood wedding saw Mira Rajput, Shahid Kapoor’s bride, wearing the Needledust juttis. Need I say more ?

You may check their collection here :


For more such articles on carefully curated brands in Fashion & Lifestyle, do check this space. And if you like it enough, do share it 🙂

Stay Stylish, always.

Cup them right – The Rules for Bra Shopping

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, Vintage Bra ads

It is the most basic foundation garment, the one that can perk up those luscious curves making you feel confident and beautiful, from within. Bra – if worn rightly, can make you look younger and slimmer but if worn wrong, it might end up making you look dowdy. With the burgeoning of numerous International and domestic brands, the confusion is at its peak to select the right kind of bra which is not only good in quality, but is also affordable.  To add to the selection woes, there are multiple styles of bra available, leaving us wondering on how to choose the right kind of bra.

Do read on further to know some facts on right selection of bra coupled with some interesting trivia.


Bra – short for Brassiere came into existence only in the late 19th century. Till then, women’s modesty was covered by corsets in various patterns. The evolution of fashion and the change of women’s stature in the society determined the evolution of bra from the corsets. The society became more acceptant of sins and sensuousness.

Herminie Cadolle from France developed the first modern bra by cutting the corset into two. “Soutien-gorge” as they call it in French, became famous through the early 20th century.

 In 1932, S H Camp did the first advertising campaign wherein the cup sizes were defined as alphabets starting from A representing the smallest cup size to D being the largest then.

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, Warner Bros

Warner’s ABC Alphabet Bra

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, Palmers Busterformer,

Palmers Bra in 1937

Around the same time other lingerie brand started growing rapidly. Triumph International was one of them. During the time of World War II, women who were recruited in military wore Conical Bra as a part of their uniform to support their body anatomically well. Thus came in the trend of the pointed conical bra.

(Think of Mumtaz  & Asha Parekh in body hugging chudidars and Sridevi in the song – Tohfa Tohfa….) Over the years, different styles of bra were introduced in the market. There came in the range of nursing bra, teen bra, sports bra, sleepwear bra, bridal lingerie, party wear bra and so on.

So, How to select a Bra?

It’s a pertinent question that everyone seems to fret about. You know all of it, but when you actually go for the purchase, you get overwhelmed with the shapes, sizes, colours, fits and the nonstop persuasion of the counter girl to buy the most expensive one. You end up buying the wrong kind. Bless the internet shopping; it has taken wrong fittings to a different level. We get lured by ‘Buy 4 bras at just 499’ and buy all. Only to realise later that either the quality of the fabric was mediocre or the fittings were weird.

Look for the signs below to know if you are wearing a wrong Bra.

  1. Do your bra straps cause red marks on your shoulder?
  2. Do your bra straps slide down or are you constantly adjusting them?
  3. Do your breasts bulge over the top of the cup in a double bump?
  4. Do your breasts droop or look generally out of shape?
  5. Does your bra band ride up in the back?
  6. Does the centre of your bra fail to touch your breastbone?

Any of the above may be affirmative of the signs that your bra isn’t right for you. These problems indicate that the band is too big or small, or that the cups are too large or small, depending on fit-related issues.

How should a Bra fit?

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, Bra fittings, Right Bra

Right kind of Bra

– The band of the bra provides 80% of the support. Ensure that the bra has good quality fabric & elasticity. The bra should be snug fit allowing your two fingers to pass through it. If the band rides up your back, it means it is large for you.

– The straps provide remaining 20% of the support. They basically level the breasts centrally. They should not keep falling off your shoulder or dig in your skin.

– Whether you are wearing a full cup or a demi cup bra, your breasts should fit in the cups. No spilling out of the cup, under the cup or around under arm. If it happens, it means you are wearing a small cup size. If there are wrinkles on your cup, it means you are wearing a bigger cup size.

– When you buy the bra, it should fit on the first hook, thus giving space for you to tighten later.

– The mid part of the bra, gore, should fall flat on your breast bone. If it is lifted up, it means your cup size of the bra is small.

How to measure your right bra?

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, Bra Measurements, Bra fittings, How to measure for correct size of bra

How to measure for correct Bra size ?

Band size is expressed in even numbers – It is the measurement of your chest just below your breasts. Eg 32, 34, 36

Cup size is the difference of measurement expressed in letter between your band size and the actual breast size at its fullest. It is expressed in letters like A, B, C, D etc. With increase in one inch, there is an increase in cup size from A to B to C and so on.

Step 1: To determine your band measurement, measure your ribcage directly below your breasts. If the tape measure shows an even number, this is your band size. If the tape measure shows an odd number, round up to the next even number to get your band size.

Step 2: Measure the fullest part of your breasts holding your arms at your sides. Keep the tape measure level around your body and measure the fullest part of your breasts (over your nipples).

Step 3: Subtract your band measurement from the measurement of the fullest part of your breasts to determine the difference. The cup size is the difference between the measurements.

As a general rule, the difference between each cup size is 1″.

So A is 1 inch difference, B is 2 inch difference, C is 3 inch difference and D is 4 inch difference.

Eg : If your band size is odd number, 35 , you round it to 36. Now if your fullest part of breasts measure as 39, then your bra size is 36C. ( 39 -36 =3. A difference of 3 inch is C cup size)

Breast sizes are growing. From 1990 – 2000, the average size had gone from a 34B to a 36C.

Bra Style for your Body Type

1) Small Bust ( A to B )–

 Balconette style bra with padding to enhance the curves

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, Balconette, Bra for small bust

Balconette Style for small bust

 Half Cup Bra with Push up

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, Push up bra, Bra for small bust

Half Cup Push up Bra for Small Bust

2) Average & Large Bust ( C  onwards )

 Bra with wide straps for support

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, wide strapped bra, bra for big bust

Wide strapped bra for big bust

                                        Full cup bra

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Full cup bra for big bust

  Under wired

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, Underwire bra, bra for large bust

Underwired Bra for large bust


Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, Minimizer, bra for large bust

Minimizer Bra for big bust

Different Styles of Bra for different occasions

1) T- Shirt Bra for seamless look and daily use

Appleblossommy, Falguni Patel, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, Fashion Blogger in Gujarat, IndiBlogger, How to choose a Bra, Triumph, Zivame, T shirt Bra, bra for daily wear

T-shirt Bra for Daily wear

2) Strapless Bra & Plunging bra for different Party wears

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Strapless bra for Party wear dresses

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Plunge Bra for Deep open necked party wear

3) Sports Bra

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Sports bra for Gym, athletics, dance , aerobics.

4) Nursing Bra for post pregnancy feeding

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Nursing Bra for post pregnancy feeds

The biggest selling bra colour is nude and skin tones now. Ten years ago, the biggest selling bra colour was white, while ivory and cream were a close to second. Tea rose was the favourite from the 1920s through the 1950s.


Wash Care

  1. When you try on a bra for the first time, try it on the loosest set of hooks before you examine for fit. Over time, as the elastic naturally stretches, you can switch to the middle set of hooks, and then the inside set of hooks.
  2. Buy several bras and rotate them through your wardrobe regularly. By giving a few bras equal wear, you extend the life of all of your bras.
  3. Hand washing in cold water with a gentle lingerie detergent and lay flat to dry. Try to avoid washing machines, especially without a lingerie bag, and NEVER put a bra in the dryer! The heat from the dryer will break down elastics and damage the underwires.


  • Follow the three step routine to determine your right size
  • Select the apt style for your bust size
  • Select the right pattern for the occasion ( NO lacy bra for daily wear, their intricate work create detailing on your outfit)
  • Select the right colour (NO white bra for white outfits. Embrace nude coloured bra – they are your best friends )

 Happy Right Bra Shopping !

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Staring & Ogling – I say NO

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Staring & Ogling – I SAY NO


I have experienced this quite often, maybe more than often. From the moment I get in the lift of my flat to the point from where I pick up the auto, I feel as if I am being watched, from head to toe. The leching ,the whispers and giggles among the young professionals having chai & sutta at the chai wala whenever any woman passes, the auto wallas first scanning you completely before asking where to ; makes me seethe inwardly every passing day.


Did I provoke someone?

Am I wearing revealing clothes?

Should I be worried?

Am I at fault?

Should I turn a blind eye to staring & ogling?


Has one or more of you experienced the head to toe scanning from various corners of the road when you walk down, even while fully covered? (Yes, I mention fully covered to leave aside the controversy of provocative clothing)


When I talk about these experiences, I am sure all of you women folk out there will be able to relate to it. Each one of you would have experienced it at one or the other point of time in your lives, the magnitude and its impact might vary. There have been innumerable debates nationwide on the way women should/should not dress so that hormone driven men aren’t provoked and thus reduce the number of rape/molestation cases.


There is very fine line that remains to be crossed between staring, ogling and groping. Daily news headlines show some heinous crime happening in one or the other part of the country. Few heart searing cries are heard whereas few are stifled and eventually asphyxiated. Rape, Molestation, Acid attacks, Stalking – Physical & Cyber, Child abuse and voyeurism are many of the known gut wrenching devils of the society. Day in and day out, the concerns on these issues are rising. I wonder, whether the incidences have increased manifold or are they being brought to the society’s attention now with a strong need for a wave of change. While everyone is harrowed by the gruesome incidences that are making the media houses rise on their TRP’s, I sit here and think of my daily struggles in this city, insignificant to a big chunk of the city and yet of utmost importance to the other half of it.


Earlier, I used to walk with confidence and head held high.  But somewhere now, these X-ray scanning, roving eyes bring in a slight hint of fear, and I go walking down the streets of this city with down casted eyes


In the professional world, I came across various business men, corporate honchos & industrialists who wouldn’t bat their eye lid while talking. No they weren’t engrossed in the conversation; they had tough time talking to my eyes since their eyes were talking to the elusive boobs. I have had numerous discussions with my women friends who have had similar experiences almost every other day. Once the professional talk is over, the gentleman in question would want to know a little more about you. He would maybe exchange numbers,  add on Facebook (Yes Facebook & not LinkedIn, I wonder does anyone not tell them the difference between the two), immediately like 5-6 profile pictures, casually drop a message to meet for a coffee to discuss the business plans further and so on and so forth.


The same gentleman has a beautiful wife back home, whom he probably controls, doesn’t allow her to go out for coffee with her male colleagues , showers her with extra- guilt love and continues the farce of the matrimonial institution. He ensures his girl child is picked and dropped by his wife and maybe not by a young driver. The known- old kaka who has been serving the family since last 10-15 years seems harmless. He keeps a check on his daughter’s late nights and his wife’s Whatsapp messages.  So while he is safeguarding the two women of his house, what crime did the girl at the office do? Who gave him the right to scan her and molest her with his eyes? Did the girl even remotely hint that she was ever interested in anything else but work?


I have had friends who, besides facing this daily tumultuous situation on roads and at work, have also faced molestation in the family itself. There are countless incidences of child molestation happening in our country, in those large joint families where the uncles and bhaiyas are always round the corner. The easiest target would be someone from the family, who wouldn’t probably know why, what and how of this child abuse, who is probably too young and traumatised to even say anything. Women have been worst enemies of their own clan. They suppress these voices of abused children in the family to safeguard their family reputation, regardless of the psychological impact it might have on the development of that child.


While I complain of these incidences as a woman to the men of the society, I also have complains with the women. Aren’t these men brought up by women? Has the patriarchal mind set taken over the nurturing and the fundamental values of human respect?  Why don’t we teach our boys to look at women with respect and treat them with equality? Stop treating women like sex objects, they aren’t one. The Independence Day speech by the Prime Minister also highlighted on this topic – “Correct the sons and not question the daughters “.


If only there was an invention that could facilitate the neuronal transfer between these two genders, men would maybe then understand this eerie feeling that women go through each day in our country.


Would you want the woman you love to go through this scary feeling every day?

Would you stop ranting about the provocative dresses of women?

Would you stop labelling women as easy?


If you could do this for your woman, then man, your daughters wouldn’t need to ever know this feeling. Society would be safer and better then.