Your Guide to Style Twist in Navratri


Known as the world’s longest dance festival, Navratri is a festival that everyone looks forward to, especially in Gujarat. While some fast during these nine days to worship goddess Amba to seek her divine blessings, most are excited about the garba and dandiya nights that follow the elaborate puja. Dance enthusiasts from across the globe fly back to their roots in Gujarat to be a part of this nine nights of revelry. Traditionally, Sharad Navratri or Mahanavrtri falls in the month of September-October. This festival is celebrated in different states in different forms; as an ode to goddess Durga in West Bengal and to Goddess Amba in Gujarat.  If a city was ever known by its festivities, Kolkatta would be known for its Pujo celebrations and Pandal hopping whereas Ahmedabad would be known for its Raas-garba nights during the Navratri. The city is illuminated in fairy lights to mark the beginning of festivities. One can find garba venue every 500 metre in the city.

Navratri in Gujarat is no longer just a festival restricted to religious rites but has become synonymous with nine nights of raas garba, dressing up in the latest trends of ghaghra-choli and relishing the ubiquitous Khichu (a dish made up of rice flour,cumin, green chillies, oil and red pepper). One could safely say that this festival is an extravaganza for dancers, fashionistas and foodies alike.

Did you love Deepika Padukone’s kalidaar ghaghra in ‘’Ram Leela”? Did you like Aishwarya Rai’s look in ‘Dholi Taro Dhol’ or did you fancy Madhuri’s lehenga in ‘Ladke Ore ladke’from ‘Ye jawani Hai Deewani’? If you have been the one that loves watching these emerging fashion trends and is looking forward to experiment, if you are the one who has already Google searched ’10 best trends to follow in Navratri’, you absolutely need to read this as we are about to dispense some stellar fashion hacks for you to indulge in.

Before we begin with our fashion advice to make your ensemble trendy and stylish, we suggest doing a wardrobe cleaning of the existent collection.

  • Do hold on to your solid coloured ghaghra and embroidered backless cholis. They are here to stay much like Audrey Hepburn’s classic white pearls.
  • Keep your colourful dupatta intact. An ethnic dupatta can never go out of style.
  • Take out the handloom skirts from your daily wardrobe and get ready for our fashion tips to mix and match
  • Collected a couple of crop tops last season? Lets give them a fresh twist

Once you have taken a stock of what you already have, you can now make a list of things to buy for this Navratri. You could go for the classic looks which are tried and tested to play the classic dress up.

Classic lehenga choli - Dhara Goenka

Classic lehenga choli – Dhara Goenka 


Alter Ego


Alter Ego


DOT by DaizyTanwar & Tapushi


But if you want to perk up your existent collection, we have cherry picked a few other essentials to add some zing to this years outfits.

  • Angarkha


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Kinche Angarkha


Namaste NYC Kediyu Top

Historically, angarkha has been a garment that is worn by men in the Indian subcontinent. However, as fashion evolved, angarkha style has since then been used by many designers in women’s kurta and tops. One can say it is our desi version of androgynous fashion.

This Navratri you can opt for a silk based short angarkha top instead of a traditional backless choli. Team it up with mul dhoti bottom and get ready to rock this uber chic androgynous look with your individual style statement.

  • Dhoti
Anokhi Block printed Dhoti

Anokhi Block printed Dhoti

Navratri style Trends, ahmedabad Fashion blogger, Top 10 fashion bloggers India, Ahmedabad fashion blogger, Falguni Patel, Stylist, Navratri trend 2016, dhoti pants, evening wear, trendy wear, silk, Ginil & Disha

Ginil & Disha Silk Dhoti

So what if you have to steal it from your dad’s wardrobe? Opt for silk or mul fabric dhoti that can be wrapped around in different styles. In case the whole exercise becomes too cumbersome, then search for the Dhoti-pants available in different fabrics in the market. Many designers like Anamika Khanna and Anju Modi have revolutionized the ethnic fashion by showcasing this androgynous essential as the ‘next must-have’ in your wardrobe.

You could opt for rich jewel tones like emerald, sapphire, amethyst, citrine, turquoise, ruby and cobalt. For those of you who feel like notching up the style quotient, you can search for plaids in silk fabric or gamcha in silk and get your bespoke designer dhoti made.

Team it with floral crop top if you have solid coloured bottom and solid coloured crop tops if you have plaid bottoms. A classic black angarkha teamed with mul dhoti could pass off as your new-age LBD.

  • Long jacket
Different types of Long jacket/kurta teamed with skirt

Different types of Long jacket/kurta teamed with skirt

best-manish-malhotra-bridal-collection-designs-8 dbb54e60e37dae9871a8bef43b44d0a5

Long slit tunics hit the market last season and most of the fashionista’s did flaunt their long tunic tops with jeggings. In the wedding fashion, long jackets have ruled the trousseau since quite some time now. Its long length lends a regal touch to the outfit.  How about trying these long jackets in Navratri?

You could opt for a long jacket in pastel coloured raw silk or Jaipuri cotton. For those who love some quirk and embellishments, go check out the markets for Kutchi embroidered long jackets.

Team it with a traditional ghaghra or pair it with raw silk pants to give a contemporary twist to the traditional navratri dressing. For those who want to keep it simple, try pairing it with your ajrakh or dabu print long skirts. The key to this quirky look is accessorizing it with boho chic accessories.

  • Cold-shoulder Tops
Off shoulder Top & Cold shouldered top

Off shoulder Top & Cold shouldered top


Initially meant to raid the western wear, cold-shoulder trend has now entered the ethnic segment too. For those who believe in leading the fashion trends, you may raise your stylometer by opting for cold-shoulder tops.

The latest trend in Navratri, cold-shoulder tops can be customized in Tye and dye, Bandhani or leheriya fabrics to lend it a festive look. Glam up the style statement this season by pairing this trend with traditional ghaghra and contrasting dupatta. Want to go over the top? Try teaming the cold-shoulder top with embroidered jacket and long skirt. Let your creative imagination do a run and customize your cold-shoulder top in different handloom fabrics to give a classic look.

  • Dupatta
Phulkari, Kutchi work, Gota patti work Dupatta

Phulkari, Kutchi work, Gota patti work Dupatta

tj-gota-01-02_1 947685a2164e9ef78fc8bc04857c41c4

The elegance of any ensemble is dependent on the final styling. Needless to say that dupatta is that final element of style in navratri fashion. Hoard them, store them and re-use them. Citrus bright coloured dupatta, leheriya and bandhani are the quintessential favourites.  Alternatively one may opt for dupatta with embroidery and gota-patti work.

The creative minds can go to city markets and buy their own laces to design and customize the ready-made dupatta. One could opt for rich textiles like phulkari as well to perk up the plain look. Try the colour theory of teaming colour block contrasts on few days and of monochromatic themes on other to keep your looks versatile every day.

  • Floral
Fab Alley Floral Skirt

Fab Alley Floral Skirt

Feminine floral trend is here to stay. Floral look transports one to a dreamy ethereal world of fashion. Moreover, floral trend is now not just restricted to summer fashion. Last season saw floral trend emerging as the winner in the Navratri fashion, and we bet it will stay this season too.

Be it in the form of crop top, cold shouldered blouse, ghaghra or dupatta, if you are the girl who loves floral motifs, go for it.  Dig up last year’s shopping haul to check if you already have it. Then go right ahead and buy one floral element to revamp this year’s Navratri outfit.

  • Accessories
Fashion Jewellery

Fashion Jewellery


Do you remember the shopping loots at Rani no Hajiro in Ahmedabad or Nava Bazaar in Baroda? Each city in Gujarat has their old city market stacked up with the quintessential oxidized jewellery around the festive times of Navratri. The trends keep changing cyclically but every girl who loves fashion will definitely stock these classic bohemian neckpieces, danglers, bangles and cuffs in oxidized metal. However, this year layer those pieces with contemporary baubles in gun metal or brass.  Jewellery made in wood, beads, jute and paper quilling can also lend a unique style statement.

Do play around with accessories like Maangtika, kamarband, armlet, septum ring, ear cuffs, black choker, anklets, ankle cuffs, cocktail rings and silver hair pins to style the look. If you love fresh flowers, go for mogra or marigold flowers ‘veni’ to create a traditional look.

You can go for shopping once you have identified the looks that you want to try. Last but not the least, to make the Navratri festival hassle free; do not forget to buy safety pins and cycling shorts. You will need them the most.

You could be trendy and versatile or you could stick to the classic style. The choice is yours. Go glam, go stylish.

( This article was first published in The MUG magazine)


Your Shopping Guide to Spring Trends 2016 – I


2016 has begun with the note of new promises, fresh beginnings, innovative ideas and killer trends. While the fashion cycle tends to be cyclical as the name suggests, some trends tend to percolate the markets much more as compared to others.

You must have already flipped through the Fashion Trend reports, breezed through Vogue’s and Elle’s of the world and scoured the local markets for the 2016 Spring wear trends. Thus I am forbidding myself to give you more ‘Gyaan’ on the same and share with you my favorite trends of Spring Summer 2016, style tips for each and your shopping guide for these trends.

To make your shopping life a tad easier, do click on the links suggested with each trend for your shopping indulgences. They will guide you through my favorite shopping sites for that particular trends.

So whether you are a careful buyer ( Like me ) or an indulgent shopaholic, go, have a look and let me know if you liked it and bought from it 🙂

  1.  Off Shoulder Tops

Bare Shoulders are in.

Do you remember Juhi Chawla’s white off shouldered top from the song ‘Tu hai meri Kiran’ ? Does it strike a bell ? The 90’s Off shoulder style has come to stay this season and bring in some relaxed boho vibe to the summery sun.

Hellessy Spring 2016

Hellessy 2016


Chloe Spring 2016

Chloé Spring 2016 2

Chloe Spring 2016

Style Tips 

  1. Wear these breezy & glamorous off shoulder tops with long flowy skirts for a carefree boho look for an afternoon brunch or a casual evening out. Add some beach curls or french braid and you are ready to go.
  2. Style the uber chic formal off shoulder top with silk pants for a formal evening party. Strict hair parted sleek low pony would add the charm to this sleek number
  3. Grab an Ikat/block printed/khadi off shouldered maxi dress for the hip ‘Make in India’ look. Add some jhumka and twirl your side braids for an indo western look.


Top sites to buy from :




2. Large Plaids

The classic plaid print, that can modernize any silhouette, has been flying off the racks in 2015 and will continue to do so in 2016 too. A red plaid shirt tucked in distressed denims with sneakers is just the right outfit for an evening out with friends since decades. This year, lets try this trend differently, shall we?

Stella McCartney Spring 2016

Stella McCartney Spring 2016

Hermès Spring 2016

Hermes  Spring 2016


Style Tips :

  1. Invest in one classic Red Plaid Shirt. I guarantee, it will last you next ten seasons. Style it with denims or black leather pants, depending on whether you want to go watch a movie or a rock concert.
  2. Experiment with Plaids and get yourself a maxi dress. This one is for the experimental divas who aren’t afraid to try on the big plaids. Keep the look chic and simple with relaxed hair and small studs in ears
  3. Try on a plaids saree if you are a saree lover like me. Take the desi cool a notch higher with linen saree. Team with with a lace crop top or a biker jacket for the glam look.



Ogaan ( Saree)

Hope you find this blog interesting while it gives you insights in trends, styling tips and site options to buy from.

While you decide on the next purchase and browse through, I sign off, happily.

Until next post.





Spring Summer Trends 2014 – Prints


Picture yourself in a boat on a river, 
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies 
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, 
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes. 
Cellophane flowers of yellow and green, 
Towering over your head. 
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes, 
And she’s gone. 
Lucy in the sky with diamonds 

Prints have been dominant in Fashion since 2000 BC. Till almost 18th century flora was the main inspiring motif in prints. With the advent of technology and globalisation, prints saw new patterns being developed. Artists/ illustrators/graphic designers find inspiration in anything surrounding the daily life. From a creatively simulating object of art to a psychedelia inducing trance music, from banal objects of daily life like camera, ludo, fan, spectacles, bicycle ( Yes, these were the elements doing rounds since last 3-4 years) to picturesque landscapes. Through re-imagining the mediocre, the ordinary became playful and even precious.

Prints are BIG on trend yet again for Spring Summer 2014. Lets see how the international and the Indian runways were filled with it.

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Manish Arora Spring Summer Trends 2014 – Prints

I was definitely bowled over the eclectic mix of colors against the pristine white backdrops in few designs of Manish Arora. He style involves rich palette of psychedelic colours and kitsch motifs in garments that combine traditional Indian crafts like embroidery, appliqué and beading with Western silhouettes

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Mara Hoffman Spring Summer 2014 Trends – Print

Mara Hoffman – my new favorite designer from New york fashion scene to watch out for. She has a very boho chic style inspired from world travel, nature and photography. Chic patterns and cuts in a riot of colors. Katy Perry, Halle Berry, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, Lauren Conrad, Eva Longoria Parker are a small list of her clients.



Spring Summer Trends 2014, What to wear, How to wear Prints trend, Appleblossom, Fashion Blogger, Falguni Patel, Indieblogger, Top 10 Fashion Bloggers India, Print dress , Tribal Prints Dress , Style tips, Maxi , beach dress, printed maxi, Mara Hoffman, New york Fashion week

Mara Hoffman Spring Summer 2014 Maxi Prints


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Mara Hoffman Spring Summer 2014 Prints

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Valentino Spring Summer 2014 – Prints Trend

Valentino showcased a collection with a mix of North African inspired embroidery and prints , rich in colors and fluid in silhouettes. I loved the mix of rich colors against the backdrop of neutral black color.

Spring Summer Trends 2014, What to wear, How to wear Prints trend, Appleblossom, Fashion Blogger, Falguni Patel, Indieblogger, Top 10 Fashion Bloggers India, Print dress , Tribal Prints Dress , Style tips, Masaba, Indian prints, Wills Fashion week, prints on Indian Fabric,

Masaba – Spring Summer 2014- Prints

Masaba has been the unofficial Queen of prints in Indian fashion Industry. She took the fashion world by storm with her bold patterns and bright color combinations. At first they looked very runway-ish to me, gradually I fell head over heels in love with this outlandish concept of wearing a camera print or a mythologically inspired print.

Spring Summer Trends 2014, What to wear, How to wear Prints trend, Appleblossom, Fashion Blogger, Falguni Patel, Indieblogger, Top 10 Fashion Bloggers India, Print dress , Tribal Prints Dress , Style tips, Wills fashion week 2014, Anupama Dayal, Masaba, Pankaj and Nidhi, Printed maxi, printed bikini

Wills Fashion week – Spring Summer 2014

Yogesh Surendri, Pankaj and Nidhi, Anupama Dayal , Masaba and now Quirk Box are the few Indian Designers who have treated prints as their main forte.

Spring Summer Trends 2014, What to wear, How to wear Prints trend, Appleblossom, Fashion Blogger, Falguni Patel, Indieblogger, Top 10 Fashion Bloggers India, Print dress , Tribal Prints Dress , Style tips, Pankaj and Nidhi, Wills Fashion week,

Pankaj and Nidhi – Wills Fashion week – 2014 Spring Summer Trends Prints

Spring Summer Trends 2014, What to wear, How to wear Prints trend, Appleblossom, Fashion Blogger, Falguni Patel, Indieblogger, Top 10 Fashion Bloggers India, Print dress , Tribal Prints Dress , Style tips, Deepika padukone, Printed dress,

Deepika Padukone – Spring Summer 2014 Trends – prints

Spring Summer Trends 2014, What to wear, How to wear Prints trend, Appleblossom, Fashion Blogger, Falguni Patel, Indieblogger, Top 10 Fashion Bloggers India, Print dress , Tribal Prints Dress , Style tips, Sonam Kapoor, Bewakoofiyaan promotions

Sonam Kapoor – Spring Summer 2014 Trends- Print

And this is how our very own Bollywood fashionistas wear this Spring Summer 2014 Trend of Prints.

To end this section on the Prints trend , here are 5 Style tips that you could turn handy for you –

  1.  Pick one Printed maxi skirt that you can mix and match with solid colored tops .
  2.  Invest in one blouson top – maybe African or oriental inspired print . This could be a chic evening wear option with classic white pants or colored pants if you want to go bold.
  3. Pick a pair of printed colorful palazzo’s. Bright reds, pinks, blues, greens, indigo and yellows are the color to go for. Printed pants isn’t my style at all. ( if you have skinny legs, then and only then you can wear this trend, or else you might just look like “tangdi kebab” dressed for a carnival )
  4. Printed jacket can add a color and print pop up to a neutral outfit.
  5. Printed Saree in bold colors is a must have 🙂

Hope this helps you revamp your wardrobe, remove those prints from last few seasons, see which fits the bill and then style it a little differently this season.

Watch this space for our style review of the few famous Indian brands in the coming few posts. I am excited about it 🙂

Keep smiling and keep it stylish.





Best Dressed – Oscars 2014

oscars logo, 2014, appleblossom, fashion blog, Falguni patel

Oscar best dressed 2014, Jennifer Lawrence, Fashion blog, Oscar, Red carpet looks, Red gown, Appleblossom, Falguni Patel,

Best dressed Oscars 2014, Sandra bullock, gravity, fashion blog, red carpet looks, tube blue gown, Falguni Patel, Appleblossom

Sandra Bullock in a Stunning Navy blue Alexander McQueen

American Hustle, Amy Adams, Gucci couture, navy blue gown, Best dressed oscars 2014, fashion blog, appleblossom, falguni Patel

Amy Adams in navy blue Gucci Couture gown

Blue Jasmine, Cate Blanchett, Best dressed oscars 2014, embellised champagne colored gown, red carpet looks, fashion blog, Falguni Patel, appleblossom

Cate Blanchette in her beautifully embellished Armani Prive gown

Anne hathaway, Best dressed Oscars 2014, Red carpet look, black bejewelled gown, fashion blog, appleblossom, Falguni Patel

Anne Hathaway in a Gucci Column dress.

Lupita Nyong'o, 12 years a slave, Red carpet looks, Best dressed Oscars 2014, Prada powder blue gown, fashion blog, appleblossom, Falguni patel

Lupita Nyong’o in a powder blue customised Prada

Oscar de la renta gowns, Best dressed oscars 2014, Jennifer Garner, Tassel trend 2014, fashion blog, red carpet look, appleblossom, Falguni patel

Jennifer Garner in an Oscar de la Renta with tassels

Elie Saab, Best Dressed OScars 2014, Angelina Jolie, Red Carpet looks, Appleblossom, Falguni Patel, Fashion blog,

Angelina Jolie in a dazzling Elie Saab couture

Calvin Klein, Naomi Watts, Best dressed oscars 2014, White gown, red carpet look, Falguni patel, Appleblossom, Fashion BlogNaomi Watts in a Stunning white gown by Calvin Klein

Which one according to you was the best dressed out of these gorgeous women ?

Do comment on the section below and let us know your Style quotient.

( PS –  For me, Sandra Bullock wins hands down for her stunning Alexander McQueen appearance finished with a porcelain perfect makeup and hair )

Keep smiling and stylish.

A Girl in a boho-chic skirt

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Just can’t wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is making music with my friends
And I can’t wait to get on the road again.
On the road again

Goin’ places that I’ve never been.
Seein’ things that I may never see again
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
We’re the best of friends.
Insisting that the world keep turning our way – 


Long skirts for me have been synonymous with a carefree attitude, chilled out summer evenings and a relaxed pace of mind. More popularly known as the Maxi skirts, I like the Indian version of this flowy five metres of fabric. The richness of the colors and its countless hues, varieties in fabrics, hand crafted work in the designs and the twirl that you get when you move – all to die for.

I would say , it turns out to be the most comfortable styling piece in the hot Indian Summers. Bollywood divas have also been flaunting it in lot of movies – think of Preity Zinta in Lakshya , Sonam Kapoor in Delhi 6, Yami Gautam in Vicky Donor, Mallika Sherawat in Pyaar ke Side effects, Kareena Kapoor in Qurbaan . The common element of dressing was long colorful flowy skirts, kohl eyes , junk jewellery and a boho- chic vibe to it.

I admit I am a big fan of this style sense.

Spring Summer Trends 2014, Floral Skirts, Maxi skirt, Green skirt, silver junk jewellery, appleblossom, Falguni Patel, Fashion blogger, Indiblogger,

I teamed a black cotton top with  a tribal folk art inspired floral skirt in bright green colors . The red border added the color contrast element to it. The Tibetan necklace and junk jewellery in the hands with Kolhapuri chappals finished the look. Did I mention, a half pencil of Kohl as well ?? 🙂

Tibetan Necklace, Silver jewellery, Street style photography, spring summer 2014 trends, Fashion Blogger, Falguni Patel, Appleblossom, indiblogger,

Tibetan necklace with Silver junk jewellery – Boho Chic trends Spring Summer 2014

Street Style Fashion Photography - Floral maxi skirt - spring summer 2014, Fashion Blogger, Falguni patel, Indiblogger, railway track, maxi skirt, Green maxi , Indian skirt

Street Style Fashion Photography – Floral maxi skirt – spring summer 2014

Bright green floral maxi skirt : Appleblossom

Black Top : Appleblossom

Necklace : Tibetan Flea market

Silver cuff and bangles : Flea market

Silver Kolhapuri chappal : Street find in Mumbai.


All my bags are packed , I am ready to go : This inspired our second look for this shoot – Traveller’s delight , comfortable yet stylish.

Spring Summer 2014 trends, Blue long skirt, red bandana, Fashion photography with cycle, railway track photography, denim trend, craftcanvas, nisha vikram, fashion blogger, Falguni patel, Indiblogger

Cerulean Blue Hand embroidered skirt – Denim waist coat – Spring Summer 2014 Trends

BLue long skirt, denim trend, dhokra jewellery, craftcanvas, spring summer 2014, street fashion photography, railway tracks

Red kolhapuri chappals, red bandana, Dhokra jewellery, denim waist coat trend.

Street Style, fashion photography, spring summer 2014, denim waist coat, long skirt trend

Cerulean blue skirt – Monochromatic scheme Blue top , Denim waist coat, blue watch


Fashion photography, indiblogger, Falguni patel , appleblosso, spring summer 2014, girl with cup picture,

Red bandana, dhokra jewellery ,close up style

Cerulean Blue Skirt : Bijouris – Ahmedabad

Blue full sleeved tee-shirt : Cotton world 

Denim waistcoat : Appleblossom

Necklace : Dhokra Jewellery from Craftcanvas

Red Bandana- Flea Market

Red Kolhapuri chappals – Street find from Mumbai 


Maxi skirts are a big rage even for Spring Summer 2014. While the market is flooded with chiffon and knit fabric version, you could opt for the Indian textiles and rich colors to opt for boho-chic look.

Style tips –

  • – Wear this long printed skirts with solid colored tops and vice versa ( If solid colored skirts, then you can opt for either solid colored tops or prints like florals, nautical stripes, checks etc)
  • – Style it with silver/ dull gold matte finish jewellery to give it an eclectic vibe. The more , the better. Add color pop ups in hand cuffs, maybe a bandana, colorful Kolhapuris and vibrant jholas.
  • – Add a denim jacket/waistcoat or a colorful vest to add an extra style element or maybe throw around a colorful stole.

So while we are busy preparing for our next shoot, do send us your street style pictures on  if you want us to publish it on our blog. We welcome sartorial choices in styling.

Stay Stylish and keep smiling.

As always, share and spread the word, if you like 🙂

( Venue Location : Small railway station near Sarkhej- ahmedabad. And yes, we were very safe while we were shooting )




Spring Summer 2014 Trends – Florals

Decor, home decor, bird cage decor ideas, DIY project, Spring, Flowers, Indibloggers

Well if you feel the wanderlust
Just grab a car or hop a bus
In every town there’s excitement to be found
So much is happening
Don’t miss the joy of spring
The world’s in love just look around

Spring fever comes to everyone
Spring fever, it’s time for fun
Get up, get out spring is everywhere

Florals have been a classic ageless trend which is always around the corner whenever Spring season breaks in. It exudes the freshness, colors and closeness to the Mother Nature. Inspirations are derived from countless flora surrounding us , from ditsy daisies to bold carnations, from exotic lotus to heady fragrance emanating sweet peas.

The history of floral in fashion stems way back to the Egyptian period. Real flowers were used in garlands and wreaths or worn as a single flower or leaf. The Greeks also used flowers for adornment and in the Roman Period floral inspiration was worked into royal crowns.

It is thought that the first floral printed fabrics originated from the East, with ornate designs sold to Europeans at very high prices. It was a symbol of status to wear a floral pattern, unlike its commonplace on the high street today.Gradually the European’s figured the weaving techniques and started creating ornate floral designs on luxurious textiles.

So let’s have a look at the Spring Summer 2014 trend – Florals

Spring Summer 2014 , Trends, White floral dress, what to wear, Runway 2014 report, appleblossom, India Fashion Blogger ,

Spring Summer 2014 trends Floral runway

White and floral mix never go out of Fashion and Style. They both together are a must have, I would say.

Venexiana 2014 Spring Summer, Floral evening gowns, satin florals, what to wear, Floral evening wear, Trends, Style, India Fashion Blogger, Indiebloggers, Appleblossom

Spring Summer Trends 2014 Floral- Venexiana New York Fashion week

Venexiana’s Spring Summer 2014 Collection just revived back the memories of luxurious drapes mixed with florals. Venexiana is known for its exquisite fabrics, dainty ornate embellishments and flows. What better way to pep up some spirits after a hot languid summer afternoon than these flowy breezy maxis?

Elie Saab, Naeem Khan, Spring Summer 2014, Florals, Midi SKirt, Tangerine Orange, Style, What to wear, Indiebloggers, Appleblossom, Fashion

Spring Summer 2014 Trends Florals – New York Fashion week

A tea dress, a Short flowy dress, a midi skirt and Kaftan’ish dress . All had tangerine orange, peach and Whites as the base for Spring Collection. All I could associate this with would be fragrant sweet peachy peonies.

Anupama Dayal, Spring Summer 2014 Trends, Floral Saree, indian floral dress, Indieblogger, Appleblossom, Style, What to wear,

Spring Summer Trends 2014- Florals Wills Fashion week – Anupama Dayal

The Indian interpretation of florals is captivating. We Indians definitely know how to use the burst of colors. Anupama Dayal showcased the best collection of florals for Spring Summer 2014 – Wills Fashion Week. The usage of colors and fabrics was oh-so-pick-me-up-now kinds.

floral lehenga, Indian bride, what to wear, summer wedding, blue lehenga, Indieblogger, Fashion , Style, Anupama Dayal, Spring Summer 2014

Spring Summer Trends 2014- Anupama Dayal – Indian floral Lehenga

This surreal powder blue lehenga with floral prints makes a perfect evening wear for a friend’s spring wedding . Again an exotic piece by Anupama Dayal, Yes , I seem to be smitten by her floral collection.

Katy Perry, floral dress, hollywood celebrity, Rita Ora, Chanel Spring Summer 2014, Black florals, Indiebloggers, Street Style, Celebrity style, what to wear

Spring Summer 2014 Trends- Chanel – Katy Perry and Rita Ora

The Hollywood A-listers are flaunting this trend with new age designs in Black and white. Katy Perry and Rita Ora at the Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Show.

Penny, Big Bang Theory, Golden globe awards 2014, Floral gown, Hollywood celebrity, kayley cuoco, what to wera, Indieblogger, Spring Summer 2014 trends, Style , Appleblossom

Spring Summer Trends 2014- Kayley Cuoco aka Penny -Big Bang Theory

Kayley Cuoco aka Penny cuts quite a striking picture in this floral gown. Though I must admit it would look better in a costume themed party, but well its Penny, everything’s forgiven .

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Spring Summer 2014 Florals – Michael Kors – Blake Lively, Freida Pinto

How can you go without mentioning Blake Lively on a fashion blog ? She and Freida Pinto both looked fresh and bubbly with their florals in the front row for Michael Kors Spring Summer 2014 runway show.

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Spring Summer 2014 Trends Floral – Neha Dhupia

The floral trend is not necessarily a floral print , but also a floral embroidered work. The beautiful white sheer fabric has exquisite floral embroidery and Neha Dhupia carries it with such an Elan.

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Spring Summer 2014 Trends- Floral – Sonam Kapoor- Abu Jani

And there we go overboard on anarkalis 🙂 Floral embroidery in beautiful spring shades put together on our very own “Anarkali”. Sonam Kapoor adorns this brilliantly hand crafted piece from Abu Jani collections.

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Spring Summer 2014 Trends- Anupama Dayal- Sonam Kapoor

And finally , Anupama dayal seals the floral marks with the fashionista Sonam Kapoor. The vibrant florals make an interesting base for the earthy indigo jacket styled together. A fabulous outfit put together for Summer afternoons 🙂

After having checked the runway, Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities using florals , why not invest in some basic pieces which can last you forever ?

List of Must have’s for Summer florals –

1) Floral Tea dress for a casual brunch

2) White Maxi dress with floral embroidery/floral burst of colors for an evening out

3) White Peasant Top with floral embroidery

4) Bright Floral Long skirts for Indian Summers

5) Vibrant Floral waistcoat to style up a plain white shirt and denims.

6) Floral chiffon saree in pastels 🙂

7) Floral accessories like flip-flops , hair pins, hair bands, Tote bags etc.

If you have any Stylish picture of yours in Florals, do send us to publish on our Blog. We would be featuring it under the section Street Style.

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Stay Stylish and Keep Smiling.

Spring Summer 2014 Trends – Crop Top

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The runway reports have already been written , the Elle’s, Vogue’s and Harper Bazaar’s have featured it  – Trends Spring Summer 2014. Everything is up there on everyone’s favorite bitch “Google”. Fashion, trends and runway reports are now just a click away. But in this era of over exposure to all possible information, how much to consume from the varied assortments available is a matter of question. So I was obviously thinking what would make this blog different from any run of the mill blog ?

Decoding the trend straight from the runway , seeing its translation into street wear as strutted around by fellow international bloggers , checking its adaptation on Hollywood celebrities and then here in Bollywood – that’s what I will be doing in the Spring Summer 2014 Trends series.

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Crop Top Richard Chai Spring Summer 2014

This Richard Chai’s white-green crop top wins my votes hands down. Out of all the tops showcased across the season, I was fascinated only with this one ( Partly because it is styled with white wide legged pants – season’s next trend ). Pair it with the similar white wide legged pants or fitted denims or burgundy pants. You will definitely be leaving few gasping for breath.

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Crop Tops Runway Spring Summer 2014 Trends

Navy Blue and powder blue crop tops are the two wearable tops on a regular day . The black crop top ,  we shall leave for the celebrities and socialites who would be hobnobbing at the soiree by the pool side.

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Crop Top trend 2014 – Fashion Bloggers

Fellow fashion bloggers internationally wore this crop top trend with Midi skirts. It definitely makes it a very elegant combination. The cut length of the top is made up for by the extended length of the skirt. All in all , a wearable trend. ( Go, hit the gym right now or join a belly dancing class you aren’t allowed to wear this trend with a big paunch , no ways !)

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Fashion Bloggers Crop top Trend

Chic resort wear is what comes to my mind when I see this. Drop dead gorgeous combination of navy blue with powder blue stripes  and Black with Beige coat.

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Crop Top Trend Beyonce

Presenting the rock stars of Hollywood wearing the crop top trend.

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Rihanna crop top 2014 trends

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Nicole Scherzinger crop top 2014

And after these three hotness , let’s have a dekko at how our very own Bollywood celebrities wore this trend.

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Deepika Padukone crop top 2014

This is how this stunner wears her crop top – teamed with a long skirt giving it a feel of lehenga choli with a modern twist.

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Neha Dhupia Crop top 2014

Another elegant version of crop top sported by ever stylish Neha Dhupia. She makes the outfit look very majestic and regal with the right hint of jewellery.

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Pernia Qureshi crop top 2014

How can you not mention Pernia Qureshi in an Indian Style blog ? I always look forward to checking out her ensembles.

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Priyanka Chopra crop top 2014

Priyanka has been seen in quite many crop tops in last 6 months. This though is one of the best appearances in the same.

So from runway models to fashion bloggers to Hollywood rock stars to Indian fashionistas , you checked them all out. While you figure out whether you have a beach body to wear this trend or not , or whether you want to hit the gym to wear this trend, I will go check whether I would wanna wear this trend or not .

( PS – As of now , NO, but maybe someday through the season 😛 )

Keep Smiling and stay Stylish.

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