3 Reasons why you should go to the Worlds’ Largest Potluck Party in Ahmedabad


If you are an Amdavadi or have ever stayed in Ahmedabad, you know how much people talk about food.

Be it Honest’s Pavbhaji or Jassuben’s pizza, be it Jaibhavani’s vada-pav or Shambhu’s cold coffee, be it Freezeland’s sandwich or RK’s surti Gotala, be it Shivranjini wali Panipuri or Das na Khaman, be it Chandravilas’ jalebi or Havmore’s Chole kulcha – everyone has tried it atleast once in their lifetime, mostly.

(It is a different story that anything that is sprinkled with a healthy dose of Cheese becomes the best dish in town!)

These Amdavadis, known for their love for food, are taking this bizarre obsession to a new level.

They are planning to create a world record of the largest number of people gathered together for a “Potluck Party” in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Heading this mammoth event are Esha Shah and Rohan Bhatt, Founders of Foodaholics in Ahmedabad, an online community that is bonded together for their love of food.

It is not just any ordinary community mind you people.  It is a thriving community of more than 34,000+ food-lovers who share their feedbacks and suggestions of any eatery in Ahmedabad. They eat, breathe and talk food. It is one of the most engaging communities that you will come across in the recent times. In the times of digital age where such communities are sought after by the advertisers and marketers, this group has remained clean of any such associations.

So if you are in Ahmedabad on 12th June, you have to go to this ‘World’s Largest Potluck Party’ and I will give you three credible reasons to do so.

  1. Be a Part of History

You belong to this crazy hot city called Ahmedabad that lives on food, literally, and you still haven’t registered for this largest Potluck party?

You are definitely missing out on the stories that you could share with your future generation.



  1. Flaunt your inner Chef

 Awaken the Nigella Lawson or Jamie Oliver in you.

Flaunt your Italian Risotto or the Pasta with mushroom garlic and thyme or a quadruple chocolate loaf. If nothing else, cook your very special “2 minutes Maggi” in your own style and get it.




  1. Get 100 likes on Instagram

Put on your latest haul from the Spring-Summer 2016’s latest collection and start clicking the pictures. You don’t want to miss out on the trending hashtags of the day, do you? #operationpotluck  #ootd  #foodporn  #foodaholicsinahmedabad


And for those of you, who didn’t get the millennial tone, just go there to witness the sheer magic of more than 1500+ people who would be there to share their food and the love for it, all this to create a ‘World Record’ in Ahmedabad.

Try not to miss this one.

The details of the ‘World’s Largest Potluck Party’ are below:

DAY : Sunday

DATE : 12th  June, 2016

TIME : 6:00 pm Onwards (Entry closes at sharp 7:00 pm)

VENUE : Aangan Party Plot, Satellite,


So,will I see you there?



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