Weekend Window : The Happiest Flea Market in Ahmedabad



What started as an outdoor bazaar in Paris and  termed as “Flea Market”(literal translation of the French marche aux puces,  named after those pesky little parasites that infested the upholstery of old furniture brought out for sale) is now an upscale urban affair in India.

While earlier all cities in India had their own share of ‘Shukrawari’ or ‘Resale Market’,the concept of urban ‘Flea Markets’ started taking shape in India around 2010, mostly in metros like Mumbai and Bangalore. The idea of the modern-day ‘Flea Market’ is to provide an experiential shopping atmosphere.

How could the entrepreneurial ‘Gujju land’ be left behind?

2013 saw the rise of first of its kind of urban markets in Ahmedabad in the form of ‘Weekend Window’– a carnival experience designed and curated by Meera Ambasana Shah and Harshit Shah. They  ‘Weekend Window’ as a classy answer to the  famously blingy Grand Rakhi Melas that were set in the city’s shopping space.

Meera Ambasana Shah & Harshit Shah, Organizer & Promoter of “Weekend Window” ..JPG

Meera Ambasana Shah & Harshit Shah – Founders, Weekend Window

Neither Meera nor Harshit have any formal education in arts or design background, however they have a sharp business acumen to curate the right emerging brands for the novelty of the shoppers. They tapped in the potential of starting the culture of ‘Carnival experience’ in Ahmedabad from their frequent travels across the country and abroad. Having witnessed night markets in Goa and Bangkok where one could find niche & limited edition products from budding artists, the duo felt that Ahmedabad has none of this kind of experience.

An idea that originated from travel expeditions got its first taste of success in its maiden edition in 2013.From 14 brands exhibiting in its first season to now 140 brands in its 9th season, Weekend Window has come a long way. There are exhibitors coming from around 20 cities in this edition, quite a feat, I say. They still travel to the exhibitions across the country to understand the trends in this space and keep innovating to maintain the freshness of the concept.

Those exhibitors who had exhibited in the earlier editions have still stuck on to this ‘High end Happiest Flea market’ in Ahmedabad.

Quality speaks.

Collaboration is the key to modern-day success. No wonder then that in this 9th edition, Ahmedabad would witness a ‘Grand Season’ with associations like Foodaholics in Ahmedabad and Comedy Factory. There would be a ‘Kids corner’, ‘Foodie zone’, ‘Entertainment zone’ and few workshops to keep audience from all age groups interested.

Where :Karnavati Club lawns, S.G Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

When: 13th -15th May 2016

Time: 4.00 pm until midnight ( I guess it means till 11.00 pm)

Weekend Window

So as an Aesthete & Stylist, what do I recommend checking?

Go check these brands and tell me if you like them as much as I do:

  1. CHHAPA 
  3. DESIGNERDS ( Accessories)
  5. FLEUR ( Bath & body products)
  6. RESHA
  7. BOB FRAGNOIL ( Oil based perfumes)
  8. BROWNFOLDS ( Paper products)
  14. ALL GOOD SCENTS ( Perfumes)
  15. AMODA
  16. NOYA
  17. Ri.An

So go ahead… its time to shop-explore-indulge !



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