#30daySareeLove woven in looms across India



The six yards of sheer pleasure of breathable cottons, crisp silks, buttery chiffons. Wearer’s delightful zing. Observer’s palpable curiosity mixed with wonder.

So, since when did wearing a saree became the conversation starter ?

Maybe since 2014 I guess.

After the initial admiration of the saree and style, the immediate question I received was ‘Is there some social function ? Are you celebrating Traditional day ?’

And every time I kept negating the cliched questions. No, I honestly love wearing sarees, I would answer and try explain the much obvious love.

What exactly happened to the societal ideas of daily wear dressing? It made me think.

The globalization did impact the aesthetics of Indians. There was a paradigm shift from draping sarees to quickly tying sulwar kameezes in the 70’s. Later denims took over the markets and seeped in the daily Indian wear. Most of Indian homes would have witnessed this change . The way ‘moms’ progressed from wearing cotton sarees as a daily wear to easy breezy sulwar kameez and then to the quintissential ‘Kurti’ and denims showcases the evolution of fashion in Indian culture. The society saw a progressive shift and adaptations became easier and acceptable.

The Fashion journey from the days of Smita Patil’s muted cotton khadi sarees to Madhuri’s trendy sulwar kameez, from Deepika’s Kurti & distressed denims to back to Kalki Koechelin’s linen sarees, has been mesmerizing for me indeed.

Wearing ‘kurti’ or ‘Blouson’ and denim is the norm of the day. For the trendy fashionistas who love the fads, it is the latest ‘dress’ or ‘skirt’ available on the Myntra’s and the Jabong’s or well, hail the local tailor.

Saree thus is the modern fashion Disruptor.

No wonder it became the focal point of conversations for the 30 days when I decided to wear saree to work. Yes #30daysareelove was my way of professing love for these six yards that I have so lovingly collected from places far & flung. Curating & collecting sarees from different regions of India became almost like an obsession. Beg, borrow, steal was the mantra for these 30 days and a friend who also is a saree lover was at the rescue. I ended up borrowing and well buying. Let’s leave the beg and steal part for now. From the local block prints of Gujarat to Puneri chequered cottons, from the Bengal cotton Tant to Mysore cotton silk, from the ikats of Orissa to the weaves of North east, from the white Kerala Onam saree to the trendy pastel chiffons, I wore it all for the love of #30daysareelove.

Meanwhile I read about the 100sareepact, a movement started by Ally Matthan and Anju Kadam who shared the same saree love. They were out there narrating their saree story through this pact. More & more women joined in and it almost translated into a movement, to bring in the old, to indulge in the comfort of the known and to bask in the slow life of yesteryears.

Here in Gujarat, I lived my #30daysareelove.


Soft Grey North Eastern weave teamed with Mashru Red silk blouse and Coin Jewellery



Traditional off-white Onam Saree with gold border teamed with olive green gajji silk bouse 


Puneri Cotton saree in Aqua blue checks teamed with a Black linen blouse 


Green & Red traditional colours in cotton blend teamed with ivory silk blouse 


Bubble-gum pink Bengal Tant saree teamed with a denim blouse 

You might want to reinvent this fashion disruptor in 2016. Take some cues from these style tips and add some quirk to the desi handlooms.

Style Tips :

  1. Saree can be fun wear if you experiment a little with colours and styles. Try monochromes, colour blocks and absolute contrasts when you team the Blouse.
  2. Say no to the standard blouses. Opt for smart crop tops in denims, lace, batik and khadi.
  3. Wear the saree over a collared shirt if you want to stand out.
  4. Opt for floral angarkha with plain linens/chiffon sarees.

If you too are a saree lover and want to contribute/comment in this saree narrative, feel free to  email me on drpatel.falguni@gmail.com

For more posts on #30daysareelove, Follow me on Instagram

Until next post.




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