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The Indian market is flooded with beauty and make-up products like never before, attribute it to the growing need to look good among women and men or possibly a schematic plan of giant cosmetics brand to create a demand for their promising products and thus stay strong in the market. What ever be the reason, if you love applying make-up or are in the process of learning the same, I suggest you do read on further. In the greater good of giving the world economy a much-needed boost and in the puny little interest of our invaluable organ – skin, I bring to you 10 ESSENTIALS in your Make-up kit.

So if you have one already in place, go right ahead and keep saying every time aloud oh of course I do have this , but if you don’t, then do make a mental note of your next purchases.

You are welcome 🙂

My first tryst with make-up was back in 2003 when I had just about joined my first job at VLCC Healthcare Ltd ( undisputable leader in Beauty & Wellness Industry in India). I was averse to wearing any kind of make-up, let alone be a lipstick. And then the inevitable happened to the fresher, my boss picked on me; she made me go through the basic make-up regime which included a compact powder, Kohl, eyeliner, mascara , lipstick and blush.From then it has only been an upward curve of understanding nuances of make-up, teaching the fresher basic grooming and imparting advice to a handful of friends. No wonder, when a new make-up studio – ‘Megha Mittra‘ opened in Ahmedabad, I had to visit the premise.

An English literature graduate from Xavier’s college , Megha Mittra, 24, thought she needed more colours in life than just words. Make-up had always fascinated her like any other teenage girl. She would admire her mom from behind a curtain while she was getting ready for a party, applying that beautiful shade of lipstick. The finished look of her pretty Mom always enamoured her and she got hooked on to learning make-up techniques through Youtube videos. Wanting to follow her passion, after her graduation she went to Mumbai and learnt make-up professionally from the very renowned Fat Mu academy. She recently launched her professional make-up studio in Ahmedabad by the name of Megha Mittra Professional Make-up.

In a conversation with her over Make-up must have’s and combining it with my limited knowledge of beauty industry, here are the 10 commandments of Make-up Essentials.

1) PRIMER – Primers are used as a base for the make-up.If you would want your make-up to be in place , then this is the first step to it. So identify your skin type into either oily, dry or mixed and then pick a primer from one of the below.

Recommendation  – Oily Skin – Colour Bar  Perfect Match Primer

Loreal Paris Base Magic Primer

Dry Skin – MAC Primer

2) FOUNDATION – Initially I always thought foundation was to be applied only when we go to a wedding or a party but my myth got busted during my working years.

It is extremely important to identify your skin colour first. Are you a warm coloured person with a yellow tone or are you a cooler coloured person with a pink undertone to your skin ?

Megha says ‘ Pick a foundation shade that matches your skin shade first. Then ask the cosmetics counter girl to show you both pink and yellow undertone for the same number shade. BY quickly applying both on the forearm, you will get an idea which shade to pick up. More often that not, we make two mistakes in picking a foundation. One , we choose a lighter shade than our original skin shade in an attempt to look fairer and then we mix up the yellow/pink undertones badly.

Once the skin shade and skin undertone is identified, choose a foundation also based on skin’s oil properties.

Recommendation – Dry Skin – Cream Based foundation / Mousse

Oily Skin – Liquid based foundation

Acne prone Skin – Mineral Foundation ( Loose powder base, silicon free)

For all of the above foundations, I strongly recommend only MAC 

3) BB CREAM /CC CREAM – For the uninitiated, BB Creams are Beauty Balm and CC Cream are Complexion Care products. In layman’s terminology, they are basically tinted moisturizer with added element of primer, sunscreen and light foundations all in one and thus an easy wear for a routine day.

So keep one of these handy with you for the days when you don’t want to apply foundation.

Recommendations – BB Cream – Deborah Milano BB Cream 

CC Cream – Lakme CC Cream  ( My personal favorite)

– Bourjois CC Cream

4) LOOSE TRANSLUCENT POWDER – It is the most important step in Make up and yet most of us skip it. The loose powder basically sets the foundation right. It doesn’t allow the make up to be transferred on your phone while you are yapping away neither does it stick to the clothes. It gives an instant even finish to the skin.

RecommendationsInglot Translucent Loose powder

MAC Mineralize Foundation/Loose

5) BLUSH –  As the name suggests, it will give you a beautiful just-pinched-cheeks look. But it is very important to pick a light pink/peach shade that matches your skin tone lest you might end up looking like having tomatoes painted on your cheeks.

(I remember my old school days and I cringe when I look at the pictures of the cultural evenings. Two big blobs of digene pink on the cheeks, yikes !)

Recommendation MAC powder Blush

Lakme Pure Rouge Blusher

6) KOHL  – I can never imagine my eyes without Kohl. It instantly perks up the face, giving eyes the much-needed definition and sharpness. Though the trends are shifting and trendy fashionistas are moving towards white eye liners, I still prefer to go classic. Nothing can look better on an Indian face but a dark black Kohl. I have tried all possible Kajal ( Kohl) available in India, from Revlon to Maybelline to Lakme and MAC. Oh yes, I have even tried Surma.

RecommendationMAC Gel Eye liner 

Revlon Kohl Kajal Eye liner Pencil

7) EYEBROW FILLER – Eyebrows frame our face. In fact most of the women dread the day when the beautician screws up the shape of the eyebrow. It is much neglected beauty regime , but given the right treatment it can instantly glam your face up.

Go in and fill up those empty spaces in your brow. Maybe if you don’t want to buy a specific product, then just apply a brown/black eye shadow in the spaces, comb the eyebrows well and let them be.

RecommendationMac Stud Eye brow filler

8) MASCARA – Its shouts from the vanity case – Pick me up and I will make your tired eyes look happier. Yes mascara does that to the eyes, curls up and elongates the eye lashes and opens up the eyes making them look bigger. In a country obsessed with big eyed beauties, I have made applying mascara as my Guru mantra. It definitely opens up my half-baked Chinese eyes too 🙂

Always pick up a waterproof mascara. Though I have my reservations on their authenticity , but well atleast it claims to be one.

RecommendationMaybelline Volum Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara

9) EYE SHADOW‘If it is your first buy, then always buy a neutral palette of eye shadow and then proceed on to buy other trendy shades’, says Megha. You could always pick palette to create smokey eyes, glitter, trendy colours like blues and greens later on.

For the starters, nude shades, peaches and pinks should do the trick.

RecommendationMaybelline The Nudes

10) LIPSTICK  – And the final step of finishing any look would be those ravishing lips. The colour on the lips can make or break a look. So all you beauty conscious girls out there, always own one neutral shade and one bold shade of lipstick that suits your skin tone.

Neutral – Peach, Pink, salmon pink, Nude, lattte

Bold – Red, Oxblood , fuschia pink, tangerine orange

RecommendationChambor Powder Matte Lipstick

MAC Lady Danger 

Megha indeed gave quite an insight into the essentials in cosmetics. Well equipped with beauty basics and artistic make up trends, she is all set to teach professional make up in Ahmedabad, not only to those who want to pursue career as make-up artists but also to all of us who would want to learn daily make-up and party make-up. The details for her courses are available here.

With my stock of 10 Make up essentials, I am set for any party invitations floating my way. Are you ready ?

Do share with me if you have any other Make-up Must have’s that I might have missed out on.

And if you want to shop right away, Click here for super deals.

Until next post on Beautiful jewellery collection,

Stay Stylish and stay pretty, always 🙂




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