7 wardrobe staples for Ethnic wear – India


Refresh your wardrobe in 2015. Revamp the Ethnic wear, get a whiff of fresh air , break the routine of westerns, be yourself…. If you still do not know what are the MUST BUYS for your ethnic wear, then you need to stop doing what you have been doing, take a break, sip a cup of coffee and read this. Do check our next post on a Brand new Ethnic Wear shopping Portal ๐Ÿ™‚


Ethnic wear has always lured me towards it time and again, from the summery colorful kurta & patialaย to boho chic long skirts , from the oh-so-hyped anarkali to the sarees in rich vibrant colors. They bring a fresh change to the usual western wear dressing. I enjoy varying my style from chic uptown girl to a desi belle on weekly basis. In my attempt to do so, it makes it imperative for me to know whatโ€™s in my wardrobe. The eternal question comes back again is how do I create a basic wardrobe for ethnic wear.

But before I brief you on 7 wardrobe staples for ethnic wear fashion , these tiny little monstrous questions might be jumping in your head. So read on.

Why โ€“ Because itโ€™s a fresh twist from the same ole fashion

When โ€“ Wear it to Work | Evening out | Festivals | Weddings


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