Wardrobe robbing away the space ?


Beginning with the new year 2015 , let’s begin arranging our wardrobes once again 🙂 Use the principle of 5 R’s.


I think each one of us gurls must have gone through this moment atleast once in their life time, for some  it would be a daily routine –  waking up in the morning, opening the wardrobe and staring at it for good 10 minutes and eventually sighing , “ Aarrgh , I don’t have anything to wear “ !! (Even though you might be having at least 50 Tee shirts, 10 denims, 30 Dresses!! )

So here are some suggestions on How you can arrange your wardrobe on the basis of 5 “R” s..

Take everything out of your wardrobe and designate it into one of the following 5 piles.

Return– If you like the piece, it fits you well, it still looks fresh, it goes with many other pieces in your wardrobe and the colour suits you. So basically it is a perfect wonderful piece that has loads…

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