Best Dressed – Oscars 2014

oscars logo, 2014, appleblossom, fashion blog, Falguni patel

Oscar best dressed 2014, Jennifer Lawrence, Fashion blog, Oscar, Red carpet looks, Red gown, Appleblossom, Falguni Patel,

Best dressed Oscars 2014, Sandra bullock, gravity, fashion blog, red carpet looks, tube blue gown, Falguni Patel, Appleblossom

Sandra Bullock in a Stunning Navy blue Alexander McQueen

American Hustle, Amy Adams, Gucci couture, navy blue gown, Best dressed oscars 2014, fashion blog, appleblossom, falguni Patel

Amy Adams in navy blue Gucci Couture gown

Blue Jasmine, Cate Blanchett, Best dressed oscars 2014, embellised champagne colored gown, red carpet looks, fashion blog, Falguni Patel, appleblossom

Cate Blanchette in her beautifully embellished Armani Prive gown

Anne hathaway, Best dressed Oscars 2014, Red carpet look, black bejewelled gown, fashion blog, appleblossom, Falguni Patel

Anne Hathaway in a Gucci Column dress.

Lupita Nyong'o, 12 years a slave, Red carpet looks, Best dressed Oscars 2014, Prada powder blue gown, fashion blog, appleblossom, Falguni patel

Lupita Nyong’o in a powder blue customised Prada

Oscar de la renta gowns, Best dressed oscars 2014, Jennifer Garner, Tassel trend 2014, fashion blog, red carpet look, appleblossom, Falguni patel

Jennifer Garner in an Oscar de la Renta with tassels

Elie Saab, Best Dressed OScars 2014, Angelina Jolie, Red Carpet looks, Appleblossom, Falguni Patel, Fashion blog,

Angelina Jolie in a dazzling Elie Saab couture

Calvin Klein, Naomi Watts, Best dressed oscars 2014, White gown, red carpet look, Falguni patel, Appleblossom, Fashion BlogNaomi Watts in a Stunning white gown by Calvin Klein

Which one according to you was the best dressed out of these gorgeous women ?

Do comment on the section below and let us know your Style quotient.

( PS –ย  For me, Sandra Bullock wins hands down for her stunning Alexander McQueen appearance finished with a porcelain perfect makeup and hair )

Keep smiling and stylish.

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