Happy Feet


They say the ultimate style quotient of a person is based on the fineness of their shoes and watch. I believe in it too.

My love for footwear puts me in the category of a self-proclaimed hoarder . Though all might not be a branded purchase as I prefer picking whatever appeals  me , from the streets, flea markets, old cities or the obvious malls.

Have a dekko at some of my wish list buys 🙂 Yes, I do realise majority of them are flats , but well that’s my love for it now.

3d292c3117c29456e6092c578bfd5e11 07f34906e976ae1f56128d8549d3ce63 307de202f253f1ff093d22e4ebec6b30 762100ff15db54f2408f7c3f9bef544a a4b35da2ef6127c64d7425b776932a62 c7eb4e08a280a9430ba25bf48d6aa9b2 cf8611a2c232c7781dc7388486bdeaa1From flats to oxfords to moroccan slippers to high heels and pumps , colors and textures – Just a Visual delight.

Feel free to share and write back if you like.



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