Real woman ~ Yuti Shah

Co founder UDD

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
― Rabindranath Tagore, Stray birds.

This seems to be the essence of this effervescent , free-spirited , affable and colourful young lady ~ Yuti Shah,  a Graphic designer by qualification, now co-founder of the brand “UDD” , bohemian at heart and a gorgeous Indian beauty.

Anyone who is fond of colours will surely love her collection of “wearable art”, as she puts it across . An eclectic mix of textiles and motifs designed by her are a heady mix for someone who is bohemian at heart. Her designs are bold style statement pieces which are meant for women with individuality, self-confidence and I-dont-care-what-people-think-but-I-love-it attitude.

Co founder UDD

Name : Yuti Shah Edward
Age: 26
Profession : Co-Owner at UDD and the Head Artist/Designer
Brief summary of education : Studied Visual Communication with Raffles Design school .
She always knew she wanted to be in creative field.
(  Whereas my left and right brain still keep fighting daily on which side do I tilt more.I think its brilliant if people are able to figure out so early in life as to what do they want to do )
Summary of Professional experience : Worked as a Graphic Designer and did Free lancing design and art works .
Eventually after 4 years of working as a designer , she gave up the job and did some major doodling. Yuti and her husband keep travelling frequently. She says, ” I always travel with a sketch book and I keep doodling. I am happiest when I doodle ” . So her husband suggested her to take it further. She did some big artworks with ink and did an exhibit in Mumbai 6 months after leaving her job. Everyone loved her creations and that’s when the inception of UDD happened. Now the doodling was transferred on textiles and each apparel came out as a unique piece , be it a dupatta or a sari or a ghaghra.
How would you define ur personal style as :She says  “Very UDD ~ Simple yet Bold , Indian yet Global. Dressing is basically the state of mind on that particular day ( I couldn’t agree more ) . It also depends on who you are and your outlook towards life as a whole”
I love her individuality in her styling sense. She doesn’t get influenced by peer pressure and fashion trends. She wears what see feels like wearing irrespective of the fads.
That’s what is this series all about, Identifying women who are supremely comfortable in their own skin and aren’t just following the Fashion fads. Dont get me wrong, No ,there isn’t anything wrong in following Fashion trends but drawing a firm line on what suits you and goes with your image is more important than just giving away to peer pressure.
Yuti used to be usually clad in denims and ganji’s initially till the time UDD took off. Post that she usually prefers on daily basis comfort wear considering the work involved. So you will see her in Kurta and churidar or dhoti pants.
She loves wearing sari too, so now she looks forward to wearing her own creations from UDD. Might I add, Sari has been my personal favorite attire (Though I wear it hardly once in a year in someone’s wedding )
Yuti in UDD sari
These are the sari’s created by Yuti from her brand UDD. I love the usage of colors and Indian motifs in it. The combination of pastel pink with blue and bold motifs make this sari very unique. So is the other pink and yellow combination sari. The minimalistic usage of gold border adds just a bit of required bling to it.
I have never been a big fan of embroidery work with gold/silver threads readily available in market. They are just too crass for my taste.The applique work , patch work, thread embroidery , block prints, motifs portrayed on textiles are my cup of tea. And hence I am very much in love with UDD creations.
The Ghaghra skirt has been something I have been dying for. Its sheer comfort and   length just makes it such an easy work wear , especially for people like us in fashion , design or entertainment. Match it with vests or ethnic tops and you are ready to make ur own style statement. Add a colourful stole for a more Indian look. Mix lot of silver junk jewellery like bangles, anklets, nose pin, beaded necklace , earrings for the funky effect.
Big red bindi ~ Sigh!!!! It has been synonymous with beauty and grace since ages for Indian women . I have seen lot of people not being comfortable wearing this big red bindi just for the fear that people might ridicule them. For them its synonymous to being called ” aunty types” as usually they were the ones wearing them. Little do they know that this big red bindi is absolutely über cool style statement. So if you have got the individualistic style sense and the confidence to wear it, do apply this red huge bindi 🙂
( I have been told “NO” by few people to apply that big red Bindi and yet I still apply as I just love it )
When I asked Yuti about her passions in life , this is what she has to say~
What are your passions in life : ” Well , I am passionate about Life itself ! Be it travelling or creating something new or maybe just swim in the ocean. I enjoy living creatively “ . The couple keeps travelling whenever they get a chance. They find it very relaxing and of course derive the inspiration of the work from it.

Any passion you would like to share with us –

She says I absolutely love what I do and that is create beautiful pieces of wearable art “
For those of you who have now found the interest in UDD , you can check them here
Also you could write to them on their Facebook page –
I hope you had fun reading this blog as much as I had penning it down. If you like it, feel free to share it and spread it.
Till the next post, keep it stylish 🙂

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