Monsoon Trends 2012


With the Monsoons having sprinkled its first showers all over India, Fashionista ‘s in the girls might already be looking out for the new wardrobe for the monsoon.So what are the pointers that you keep in mind while getting ready in monsoon??

Fabrics ~ Usually Georgette and crepes lose the sheen when they get wet but plus pointer is they dry also v fast .Cottons also should do but avoid denims /linen/ viscose /jersey /silk fabrics. They take the longest to dry off. Polynylons, silk and rayon work the best. At the same time you want your skin to breathe and no stench coming from the clothes.

Colors ~ Basic logic says avoid whites and pastels at least for the bottoms as u want to enjoy the splashing in water to the fullest, not worry about the stains that follows it . Wear darker shades for bottoms like olive greens, browns , navy blue and blacks.Brighter colours of nature like greens , blues, reds, pinks , yellows can be used for tops . They make the gloomy clouds also fun-filled . I know a couple of people who go in depression in rains. Seeing bright colours will bring the zing back.

Pairing ~ Shorts ,skirts and cropped pants are the best options to wear for evening out . Avoid long maxi , maxi skirts unless you want to sweep the muck along with u. Anything above ankle is good. So Capri, culotte, shorts, skirts , dresses work the best for day and evening wear.

In heavy rains its best to keep an outfit extra for office since you don’t want to sit in the AC in the wet pants and shirt . Avoid leather shoes/pumps and also fancy velvet ballerina’s. Opt for PVC ballerinas or pumps so that your feet are covered and the backside of ur clothes also isn’t stained.

Umbrellas and rain coats are other accessories to be added.. Black umbrellas are a passe though I would love to carry one with big granpa style for the cheap retro thrills of it. Checks and polka’s are another classic styles . I also would love Floral  in bright vintage patterns. Does someone make them ?To sum it up…

Basic Do’s

– Wear Polynylons, cottons with blend

– Wear dark shades for bottoms. Bottoms can be Capri’s , shorts, dhoti pants, harems, culottes, palazzo which end at ankle , jodhpuri breeches . Basically anything but denims.

– Wear Covered footwear ie ones with straps . Play with colours to add pop up to the outfit. Use bright shades of green , orange , pink and yellow. Crocs are a good choice if you can carry them.

– Wear bright colors for tops  like indigo blue, red, yellow, olive-green, tangerine orange, fuchsia pink , aqua blue. Use fabrics which dry easily and do not cling to the body.

– Wear trends like neon in belts and bags. Carry waterproof bags to prevent water seeping in ur goodies like make up, books, phone etc.

– Carry colorful umbrellas and rain gear. Umbrellas are available now in various sizes and patterns. Pick up the one which goes the best with ur style, can be floral , checked, polka dotted , plain bright coloured or even retro black and white . Transparent raincoats and windcheaters also work great if umbrella isn’t ur cup of tea.

Basic Dont’s

– Dont wear denims , linen . They take the longest to dry off and become v heavy in weight post getting wet.

– Dont wear transparent fabrics for obvious reasons 😛

– Dont wear pastels and whites as they tend to get dirty and stained very easily with muck and water all around.

– Dont wear dresses/pants ending well below ankle. Fold them and keep them stacked for the next season.

-Dont carry canvas , denim , leather hand bags. canvas and denim wont save ur stuff , leather would get spoilt and attract fungus.

-Dont wear leather shoes/pumps again for the same stench and fungal reasons.

Having said this, now carry the trends of 2012 on.

– Mix floral and neon

– Do solid color blocking

– For the classic look , keep one element neutral colored

– Keep the make up neutral and waterproof

– Hair tends to get frizzy , so good hair care is v imp

Considering this very basic pointers , now chillax in ur balcony with a hot cup of tea and enjoy the drizzle 🙂

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