My cloud has a Silver lining


As much as I am a Bohemian at heart and very much free-spirited , a part of me is control freak to keep everything possible around me in order . This carries forward in my style also , boho-chic but clutterless

We have been covering the favourite must have’s in jewellery section. While we are at it , we can’t miss the statement neck pieces doing rounds all over the globe. That we will cover in next post. We will be checking up silver and beaded jewellery in this post.

As much as I love jewellery , I still have not developed the taste for real ones. For me Since the time I understood Fashion , jewellery was more about fun,creating an identity ,changing it as often as possible. So if you did notice, I still haven’t ever mentioned about real gold or diamonds . I am not the gold or diamond girl , I am a pearly girl who loves dull gold in fashion jewellery , who loves statement neck pieces and grungy jewellery . I love and drool over colorful beads with a touch of silver , black and red threads to it. Favorite color of beads being turquoise blue. It is like the black color of jewellery, fits with every colored dress.

We all keep hoarding fashion accessories we buy through the years. Those street picks while holidaying somewhere just for the memories , planning a girl’s day out in Mumbai to Causeway Colaba just to pick some colorful budget knick knacks to gallivanting the flea markets for those antique silver pieces . I have done it all and treasure them still ( Though I still don’t store them so well ) .

Wear this ethnic silver neckpiece with a black/white sheath dress . Alternatively use it as a statement piece to pep up a plain white tee . Traditionally this neck piece will look gorgeous on a chiffon saree with a lace high neck blouse just like how Sonam Kapoor styled it.

Silver jewellery looks best with turquoise beads added to it. It has been my personal favorite and I stock a couple of them . I use it to dress up a simple kurta and patiala , wear it on spaghetti and long skirts , on chiffon sarees and chic dresses.

I love this piece for the sheer design and color usage. Simple pattern, no fuss , just colors doing the talking.

Besides turquoise blue and silver combinations, Red is another color which gels well along with most outfits.

I am sure most girls would be having these couple of pieces which are shown below. They are super budget buys, anywhere in range of Rs.200 -1000.

Lastly this one piece is absolute stunner. Hope you also like it. Silver maple leaves with red beads.


So that’s just a little bohemian side of me who loves few silvery pieces and some colorful beads to bring added color to my wardrobe.

See u guys again with a new post in few days 🙂

3 thoughts on “My cloud has a Silver lining

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    Lazy Saturdays swept me over with nostalgia, of the past blog posts which I had carefully written while collating the much needed content. And look what I stumbled upon, “My Cloud has a Silver Lining’….. Apt find to revisit just about when I am writing the upcoming blog on jewellery line by a Californa based NIFT designer 🙂 Go read on and indulge in some silver love.

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