Bling it on


Continuing with the love for fashion jewellery , after the classic and ever so chic pearls , the second metal closest to my heart would be some dull gold bling. Initially like everyone I too was pretty apprehensive to carry off such bling  pieces through the day but after experimenting it for couple of times , dull gold fashion pieces won my heart hands down.

A statement chain with charm pieces or a quirky pendant , kitsch bangles over a watch and a sexy bracelet with chunk bangles in colors … All this would just perk up any dress. They can transform the dullest work wear to smart fun wear .

This is how my favourite blogger  BEE from wears it ever so gracefully and stylishly. Mix multiple dull gold bangles , bracelets and watch together to create your very own individual identity.

Our another favorite style icon Sonam Kapoor too uses gold bring really well. Thanks to her Stylist Pernia Quereshi who has been doing her looks majorly. You could also check up Pernia’s latest venture  here

Gold bling with sexy cocktail dress be it off shoulder, one shoulder, tube or mandarin collar.. It’s a sure shot attention grabber.

The third favorite stylist is Rachel Zoe of course .. She has made an eminent name for herself in past couple of years with her TV show. She also uses Gold in good dosage for styling. Black dress or black blazer with breeches mixed with statement gold piece ~ instant power dressing with feminine charm .

How can we miss the queen of eccentricity ? The “who-gives-a-damn-attitude” girl .. Our very own Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw 🙂 Stylise a simple monochromatic day dress with little gold bling and you are ready to carry it through the evening without having to change.

Have a look at the gorgeous Anne Hathaway‘s styling. You could style up a high glam long gown with stunning gold piece , stylish up-do to give you a neat look.

Lastly you could also glam up a printed dress with gold long bling neck piece to lend it an instant dressed up look just as BEE does it.

I hope you had fun going through my personal favourite jewellery styling options.

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