Cindrella’s shoes

Orange candy


” The choice of shoes and watches define the ultimate style of a person ” 

It’s a long journey and an unknown one. Adventurous yes as I keep doing what I feel for and hence roads keep changing. So from being a para medic and studying religiously to entering a beauty & health corporate sector , working in operations and service oriented industry to shifting gears and entering creative world of fabrics , I have had varied kind of experiences. I enjoyed the ride totally ,sometimes bumpy but usually the unknown turns just added the fun element to this roller coaster ride. My latest passion is an extension of my desire to see more stylish people all around. For me, style doesn’t simply end at the selection of the apparel, it extends to accessories like jewellery , bags , footwear , watch , make up , hair style and fragrances.

So I have started making footwear and I can’t get over the whole feeling of being able to create anything that I want to wear for my feet. I want to make basic stuff like jockeys , you need them for daily wear , comfortable yet stylish. But not just jockeys, I like fancy stuff too for those special times when u want to feel the best like the lace ones, stringy ones . The crazy footwear , tallest heels to make u seem that u r reaching for the sky , to make u seem tall n taut n proud 🙂

This love for footwear got me reading about them and I found there are umpteen type of women’s footwear . U have flat chappals, flat ballerinas, flat flip-flops , kitten heels, wedges , platform heels, pumps , stilettos , clogs , mules , loafers , sneakers , fancy sports shoes , converse and yet the list aint complete !… My favorite being either plain flats or the killer heels .. nothing in between works for me and so we are making flats and killer heels.

( Though a friend loves kitten heels and m gonna make them for her )

So here’s the first two of my designs .

Orange candy

This has been my favorite . The appealing color and flowery crochet detailing makes it very feminine. You can stylise it in following ways :


1) Match it with white shorts and mint green/blue flowy dolman sleeve tops , gold bling neck chains and a side braid for that casual flirty look.

2)  An electric blue dress and a black boyfriend’s jacket , pearl ear rings and bed swept bun , statement watch for the chic look.

3) Beige Breeches with silk white blouse, tan belt and cute ballerina’s , sleek pony tail and you are ready with stylish work wear

Tweedy pearl

These are the classics I love . The sheer black and white checks give a timeless definition to the piece , addition of the little black bow and the pearl just adds up the spark.

Ways to stylise this ballerina’s with :

1) A classic white /black plain sheath dress with pearls in ears , statement watch , hand bag in colors of teal blue / orange/ mint blue/ candy pink  to give you a classic look.

2) Peach mini skirt with ivory-white spaghetti top , grungy black neck piece , hair tied with black hair bands to give that feminine yet grungy look.

3) Navy blue wide flared pants with black girly top , curled hair and dangling pearls for the casual evening dinner look.

Hoping that you guys liked the design and the styling .

Would keep updating more of these in the coming weeks.


8 thoughts on “Cindrella’s shoes

    • hahaha,yes you can say that again.was just talking to ishani earlier today and I shared your reply with her and she said ”anushka,i just spoke with her” lol,small world indeed 🙂
      p.s- am curious to see how u make these lovely shoes too and would love to swap ideas with you.

  1. the flowery crochet one is adoraaabllle 🙂 it is sooo cute! am gonna visit my friend in baroda in the summer and i did love to visit your store.please tell me where you are located 🙂

      • Thanks- have taken note!My friend is Baroda (or rather she is from baroda) is ishani dave and i was telling her abt wanting to visit your store in ahemdabad and she said ”anushka,i know this girl” 🙂 small world after all?

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