Spring Summer inspiration board


Inspiration ~ Isn’t it such a profound word , gets you thinking about deeper shit in life !! Well not literally..

I need daily inspiration in all walks of life. Be it reading inspirational quotes to motivate me to see through work n pressure or be it some “STRETCH” notes for daily positivity. Some music to pep me through the day and some solace to introspect and have my “ME time”. Amidst all this I love observing the nature and its colours, go through various

Each person have their own sources of inspiration in Fashion. Some look at architecture,some watch photographic angles and compositions and still some find inspiration from poetries. For me it has always been nature .The way nature combines colours , no one can do it better. If it looks good there, it will look good on what we will make out of it. While I stylise people and use crazy combinations, all that I think of is nature as the backdrop and visualise how it will look . Works for me.

Besides nature, home interiors ,food arrangements,floral arrangements and photography are few other elements which inspire me for creating an inspiration board.

The one below is my Inspiration board for this season. The soladite blue, aqua blue, mint green, peach ,sorbet pinks and whites are the colours which mean summers for me.

 ” Gazing beyond the horizon,

where the sky meets the ocean,

I dream of thee through the white day,

Peach Tulips and Sorbet pink lilies make me happy and gay;

Grass in the meadows is fresh mint green,

Would you now really come clean ?

Aqua blue waves are splashing across the sand

Did I day-dream or did u really give me your hand

Sun is setting , here comes the soladite blue sky,

And yet I am waiting for u “


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