Spring Summer 2012 Trends ~ 3


Spring is seen as a time of growth, renewal, of new life (both plant and animal) being born. The term is also used more generally as a metaphor for the start of better times

Considering the spurt of new flowers and the happiness it creates with it ,Floral can never go out of fashion . Floral do the apt justice to the season. It always does the rounds in fashion , only thing changing would be small /big prints, pastels or bold colours .

Spring Summer 2012 is no different from others. So yes , remove the floral prints from your last year’s wardrobe or the year before’s or even 10 year before , it all can be used. Just stylise it in some newer ways. Add a bright Neon Jacket on that cutesy little floral dress , drape a solid colored scarf with a paisley maxi dress , bring out those mid length skirts with floral prints 🙂


This year sees a trend of Tropical floral.. well just another term for brighter bolder colours in floral prints . We just covered sorbet shades in previous post. Sorbets are usually solid colour blocks. Prints are brighter , resembling more to colours of tropical fruits~ think strawberries, oranges , peaches , plums , citrus lime , green guava !

If you are afraid to try such bold tropical’s as the only print for the apparels , you can mix it with solid neutrals. Make a loose blouse of this prints with Raglan sleeves and wear with white shorts/mini’s /wide leg pants . Or add a bright neon colored jacket over the printed dress . Maybe a printed scarf over a neutral colored vest and denims can be a perfect casual option.

Loved and totally loved this bold neon green colored knitted blouse with off-white tropical printed skirt by ALTUZARRA for their spring 2012 collection. For the street wear look, the similar look can be created with neon colored tops and printed skirt . To make it more relaxed, try sleeveless tanks in neon colors with long flowy printed skirts. Jewelled flat footwear , side braids and couple of colored cuffs/bangles will complete your relaxed spring look.

This just shows the brilliant usage of bold coloured prints in skirt and jacket. Printed jackets are a big hit with neutral colours as tees/vests /shirts inside and neon or bright coloured pants. The same trend can be carried forward with a printed waist coat over a plain colored dress / shirt with shorts /skirt/pants. You can wear a sorbet blush pink vest with an off white wide leg pants and team it with bright tangerine printed clutch. Color block it with neon orange-colored heels.

This one’s a beautiful interpretation of cherry red and green and white mix. It shouts of spring’s arrival. The second one is blush paisley print which never ever goes out of fashion. Add a braided denim waist coat to pep up the colors or drape a bright-colored scarf and you are sorted.

This one reminds me of tropical vacations by the beach.. Aqua blue printed skirt and a relaxed white blouse sets the mood for a lazy day by the beach. Down play with beaded flip-flops for a relaxed day look and transform into a gorgeous night diva with killer solid block coloured heels like tangerine orange or candy pink .

Sigh !!!!!! I so love this combination.  Carrying forward the tropical theme , this bold teal blue color with creamy white skirt and gold belt is absolute droolworthy. Change the outfit into wearable with blouses/vests of similar color with wide leg pants/jodhpur breeches of the similar creamy white shade. Add a gold belt or gold accessories and your are ready for the brunch or night party by the pool 🙂

Spring isn’t complete without a healthy dose of greens , by far my favourite colour . It just brings so much of freshness in any outfit.  Diane Von Furstenberg being my favourite of these green dresses. The bold usage of green with electric blue and white makes it a totally eccentric piece to have.

Take this as your inspiration board. pick your favourite colours , play with fabrics , make fancy clothes out of the old ones. Pick up few key elements for the season which are reusable for next seasons too… Spend intelligently  and smile brightly. Welcome the colorful spring and let yourself loose.

Keep it stylish and keep smiling.


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