Spring Summer 2012 Trends -2


Sorbet colors are a major hit this Spring Summer 2012. I can’t contain my excitement at the usage of such pretty shades in garment construction and accessory making. The mint greens, powdery blue, blush pinks , corals , nudes , sunshine lemon , tangerine orange bring so much for visual delight. By far considering past 5 years fashion trends, this season has seen the best color scheming.

So what do you mean by Sorbet shades.According to Wikipedia ,Sorbet is a frozen dessert made from sweetened water flavored with fruit (typically juice or puree), wine, and/or liqueur. The sorbet color palette could range from strong bright colors to ice creamy pastels.

Sorbets are lighter than neon and brighter than pastels . Most ideal palette to welcome the spring with zest . Watermelony shades, peaches and mints are must have’s for this season. The trick is to wear it with a little brighter shade to give the color blocking effect.

I am absolutely in love with this Ralph Lauren’s SS-12 collection mainly due to the usage such beautiful palette. Color blocking is evident. Absolutely stunning combinations , very fresh to the eyes.

Tibi from New york is my another favorite with the usage of peach, mints , grey, yellow and white . The collection seems very surreal. It carried forward the trend of wide leg pants with beautiful silk tanks to a dreamy level.

The beautiful contrasts of yellow and mint , Peach/ shocking pink and purplish blue , Peachy coral with tangerine red makes this collection so visually appealing.

This just reminds me of the visit to ice cream parlour and peeping through the glass jar an array of different colored ice creams placed. Each shade is delicious. Color blocks of peach/blush pink and minty green , powdery yellow and blush pink , mint blue and neon green , lilac with powdery yellow are just perfect 🙂  

This one is a super classy combination. Tangerine orange with peach and white . Isnt it a killer look for a day brunch and can elegantly shift to evening wear as well ?

And finally the color of the season rules the sorbet palette as well. Bright pops of tangerine orange makes you think of orange candy in the summers.

I am truly inspired this season with such beautiful sorbet shades. Open your wardrobes, check what are the colors already in your wardrobe that match the season. Add on some fun pieces like statement pants in these sorbet shades with an elegant white blouse or mix skirts with contrast colored tops .

As much as I loved exploring the Sorbet shades and putting up this blog, I hope you enjoyed going through it.

See you soon with the next trend . Till then Keep smiling and keep it stylish 🙂


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