Spring Summer 2012 ~ Colors


“Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.” ~ Jean Cocteau

And yet , Streets are flooded with new fashion trends every 6 months.Fashion reaches beyond clothing and into the way we choose to live our lives. Lifestyle is how we communicate, how we travel, how we decorate our homes, how we eat and how we dress. fashion Trends are strongly affected by 3 main aspects :

High Culture ~ Elite activities like visual art , paintings, architecture , photography , music

Pop Culture ~ Celebrities have a fair share of influence on the trends. Think of “Sex and City” and its protagonists , girls till date want to dress up like them.

Subculture ~ Street fashion , Graffiti , hip hop culture, mass association

Having said that , besides this cultural influence , economy in general also affects the trends. The spending power determines the minimalism or extremism to which the designs are made and the colors are selected. Gloomier the economy, more basic are the shades and more functional are the designs for its long-term usage . Prosperous the economy  , more romanticized and imaginative are the creations as people would splurge on such pieces.

As much as we keep talking about creating basic wardrobes and following classics , there is that urge in all of us to try out something different once in a while . We wish to create , fantasize and experiment  the whole look and get in harmony with the season.

Spring summer brings with it a season of colors, freshness, vitality and energy. It is reflected in the collections across the globe. The collections are bright , fun , flirty and relaxed.

Spring Summer 2012 Color palette is :

Spring brings with it an array of colors . For me it has always been the favorite season to see the bursts of colors and such lively atmosphere. It always reminds one of amazing summer vacations along the coast where you lay sipping ” Margarita ” , watching the “Starfish” in the ” Cockatoo ” blue waters . While the “sweet lilac”  and ” bellflower” send their fragrances, I go dizzy and do a little ” tangerine Tango” , some do ” cabaret” under the “solar power”.

So start checking your old wardrobe, look for these colours and create new pairs. Add a colour pop up accessory in form of a bag or shoes or scarves or hair-bands . Do a bit of colour blocking, go monochromatic , use some floral prints and be LIVELY. Enjoy the fashion .


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