Real woman~ Vaishali Shah


This blog is intended to feature real women who have done remarkable in their lives and who are stylish. So thanks to this blog, I get to meet new inspiring women and their friends and their friends. Today’s lady is one such inspiring woman whom I met 3 years back through a friend while I was contemplating on changing my career 360 degrees. She helped me understand the logics of a fashion studio.

She did her graduation in BBA ,then did “Fashion Management” from London College of Fashion and came back to start her own Fashion studio ” Mesmerize” in Pune. She is currently pursuing her PG in Retail management. She is vivacious , she is a compulsive shopaholic ( She is quite a replica of the lead character in ” The confessions of a shopaholic ” ) , absolute fun to be around , an entrepreneur now turned into full-time mommy , an enlightened soul. I have personally met very few people who are so spunky and fun , talking about fashion and small trivia of life one minute and the next minute can talk about reincarnation, desires ,detachment ,meditation and peace.

She is Vaishali Shah and one word to describe her is “Diva” …

( Yummy Mommy with my prettiest Cherry )

Name : Vaishali Shah

Age : 27

Profession : Entrepreneur now turned to full-time mommy 🙂

Style quotient : Vaishali says , ” Well my personal style statement would be to dress according to your mood. For me it is very important to be in a mood to dress up. Comfort and elegance tops my list. Accessorize well to complete the look. Basic grooming and little make up also goes a long way. I understand my body type and dress accordingly. If i am size 8 I wouldn’t try to get in 4 because it shows eventually.”

( I agree with this size thing a lot. I know for a fact that majority of women are obsessed with sizes and would want to fit in size S or M , though they might be L…….I don’t really know why ? Who flips open their clothes to check what size are they wearing ? Rather than lumps and bumps showing off, isn’t it better to dress your own size ? Sigh.. I hope girls get this fact )

I love the simplicity of this black dress. It was her Classic LBD till she found something else. It can be dressed up or down depending on the kind of occasion. Vaishali believes in creating a basic wardrobe and around them other items can be teamed up , a concept I so agree with. The statement neck piece adds the zing to this simple black tube dress. Wear it with different accessories each time, maybe gold/silver/pearls/diamonds/colorful beads. Add a colorful bolero or a chic crop jacket to color clash it . Team it with translucent leggings and ballerinas for fun element.

The pink lehenga in just one shade adds to the elegance of the outfit. The intricate work is just about needful , nothing extra and no extra colors to clash it. She has draped the dupatta in flirty way to create a youngish look and very basic ear ,neck and hand accessories completes her look. The traditional outfits available nowadays under the banner of designer outfits usually makes me cringe at the overuse of the colors , laces, work. And usually very few pieces manage to grab my attention , this being one of them.

By now , we must know that PINK seems to be HER color. She loves to combine bright colorful summery tops with basic Capri‘s . And a big candy pink tote bag adds up to her glam quotient. There have to be only two focal points while you dress up , not more , not less. Here the pink color in the top and the bag does the perfect justice to her look. Sexy isn’t it ? She has just managed to capture the elegance of wearing shorts. Just about yesterday I was sharing with a client how to dress according to one’s age. So a teenage kid dressing up in slinky top and shorts is cool but above 25+ , I feel it should be covered up top to bring in the elegance. If you are wearing hot shorts with a loose top or a blouse, it will make you look more elegant than otherwise. Similarly if you are wearing a slinky top above , then keep your bottoms loose and not body hugging.

I love the red shorts and loose white tee . Statement watch and glares complete her diva look 🙂

The classic “white shirt and denim” look is my eternal favorite and so does Vaishali agree to it too. Again it can be dressed up with gold choker and super high heels or dressed down with sneakers / flip-flops. Here she has played it casual with pink flat peep toes.

Passion in life :

She says , “My passions are travelling, shopping(self-confessed shopaholic), reading, exploring new cultures and socializing with like-minded people.Besides my routine life, I am studying fashion and retail which has always been my passion. I’m just sharpening my knowledge in that, which will help me turn my hobby into a flowering career.”

Vaishali also actively follows Alma mater very actively. Alma Mater’s training methodology is scientific and unique and has been developed after extensive research. It does not comprise lectures or course material but experience-based learning. Alma Mater believes in holistic growth and development and focuses on the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual planes.

She makes fashion look very effortless and that’s what I like about her. I have seen women who look absolutely stunning in a party but when you hear the story of how long they took to get that look or how many days they spent getting that perfect dress and got accessories matched, it just plainly puts me off. For I feel, being stylish is being effortless and natural at it .

The one quote that perfectly describes her attitude to life is this one ~

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” Maya Angelou

I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed compiling it.

Till the next post, people keep inspiring, keep smiling and most importantly, keep it stylish.

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