Real woman ~ Kanan Dhru


A real long break after my last blog … Somehow there are some blocks which keep coming , either through the course of a routiney day or maybe some mental blocks which just don’t allow you to pen down anything. I guess I went through that for a long time . But a desire to overcome that proves just a tad too strong today .

She is a thinking woman , pragmatic, a London school of economics grad lawyer, Feature writer/columnist with Femina, runs an NGO called ” Research foundation for Governance in India “, delightfully positive in her approach to life and events , ever smiling and pretty !! She loves watching romcoms and yes Scary movies too, she can scream while watching them and can shed a bucketful of tears too 🙂 She is a dreamer who dreams to achieve in real life. She is an excellent conversation maker and a fab orator.


” Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come ” ~ Victor Hugo … She and her firm lives by this thought.

( I love the blue color of her wrap dress , with danglers and glares adding up the effect )

Name :Kanan Dhru

Age: 28 years

Profession: Social Entrepreneur/ Writer

How would you describe your style as: Style is nothing else but a reflection of what you think of you

This is what she wore for a Polo match in Jaipur. I love the use of nude color for the day wear event. The mix of crotchet with nude color and a light beige shrug makes it an absolutely elegant day wear. accessorizing with pearls ( Aah so regal ) , a statement cuff and finger ring . The stylish glares adds the oomph to her regal style.

Dressed perfectly to suit her writer/Social entrepreneur image. She can glide easily from a style diva to a thinking woman. The orange, maroon and greens add up just the little required color to the neutral beige cotton saree. This is my personal favorite choice of dressing , though havent managed to wear it as yet ! 😦  The beautiful wooden orangish bangles makes this whole saree look very youngish .

This is the adventurous and fun side of Kanan. Dressed in casual pants,striped vest of classic red and navy blue along with a black jacket and shoes . Absolute classic teaming. Some looks are to stay forever and this is one of those.

Dressed in beautiful sulwar kameez of hand block print gives her a traditional look. I like this picture more so because she is wearing kameez without any jari and jing bang. Somehow they just put me off , only if done extremely tastefully , it looks good.

She is one of those inspiring woman at whom you can just keep gaping that really , how can you manage to do so many things at a time and yet always be pepped up ? Just to let you know a bit more about her , I asked her this question of what does she love to do and what are her passions in life ?

She Loves to – Tennis, trekking, Watch TV,  Tea, Laughter! 🙂

I absolutely love to be with the nature. Being with nature is far better than sometimes hanging out with people! Nature has this very soothing effect on me! I feel completely in my elements whenever I am trekking on a mountain or rafting on the Ganges or doing rock climbing. I use every opportunity possible to go on an expedition in the nature. I love to be in my trekking gear with the bandana and the backpack and my trekking shoes! I sometimes do find it difficult to have like-minded people in Ahmedabad but well, where there is a will, there is a way! Plus, activities in the wild are some of the things in my life, I would never trade for anything! Recently I was on a slightly more challenging trek which I totally loved but the trek had a victim and that was my manicured nails! Haha – well – you cannot have everything, can you?

I also love playing tennis! Since childhood I have had a dream to become a tennis champion. But at that time, I had to learn Kathak and could never take up tennis professionally. But even now, I make sure I go play tennis as regularly as I can! Although I must mention that am the only girl playing in my club. Sometimes I wonder – where are the girls who are adventure kind in this city! Arise! Awake!

Don’t be fooled by my adventurous side! I also have a side to me, which absolutely loves shopping and dressing up! I love to look nice! Love the spas and all the beauty treatments. Love buying things, especially all things red and the gorgeous earrings – I might have tonnes of it but can never have enough! I love wearing fabindia salwar kameez (yes, I am also the more serious type – love to think, love intelligence! And the fabindia clothes kinda go with the image, don’t they! 😀 )

I love wearing saris – absolutely love! One day, I want to have a huge collection of saris from across the country ( I am with u on that Kanan ) – along with an awesome collection of jewelry and not to mention all the designer footwear and bags! Gosh – there is so much to buy!

However, the best part is that I have a huge collection of teas from across the world already! Wherever I travel, I make sure to buy the local specialty tea! I cannot pass my day without 5-6 cups of tea!

On a more serious note, I love to think that there is a higher purpose to life than just dressing up and shopping. I believe that human beings can evolve to become better and can grow closer to God by purified thoughts and action. I am a deeply spiritual person and perhaps, it is this side of me that keeps me grounded. ( So here you see , she aint vain, she loves fashion but she thinks too )

I am also a patriot and possess a deep love for India. There is something about India, I don’t know what – which makes me keep worshiping her all the time. So I would never advise you to say anything against India in front of me. Only if you want to mess with me, of course! 🙂

I was fortunate to meet her at the WE ~ Women entrepreneurs forum back in May 2011. Since then its been a great time knowing such a talented girl in “Aapnu Amdavad”

She makes me believe in this quote ~~

“Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” ~ John Ruskin ~

You can check up her work on A brilliant initiative to help create strong processes of governance and an aware citizenry, primarily through seeking reforms in the legal and political arena.

I hope u liked this post as much as I enjoyed going through the journey of knowing this wonderful young lady filled with super dynamism and then eventually penning it down.

( For those of you who still think these posts are just about Fashion , let me tell you , I am writing on style of few inspiring woman and their lives . It not only focuses on style of the woman but also on other aspects of her personality which frame that style )

See you all readers soon with the next post on one such more inspiring and stylish woman.

Till then keep inspiring , keep smiling and yes, Keep it stylish 🙂


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