Real woman ~ Ranna Parikh


To the woman who complained that riches hadn’t made her happy, the Master said “You speak as if luxury and comfort were ingredients of happiness; whereas all you need to be really happy, my dear, is something to be ENTHUSIASTIC about” ~ Anthony de Mello

Yes, ” ENTHUSIASTIC” is the word for my today’s real woman.

She is vivacious, full of positivity and loads everyone with amazing compliments. When she walks in a room , people are bound to be spell-bound by her charm. She is one super woman whom I admire so deeply . Stylish , strong , independent , extremely talented  Architect & Interior Designer ~ RANNA PARIKH

I don’t mind sharing at all that she is one woman whose traits I try to imbibe. She strikes just about the perfect balance between her work , her family ( Lovely bunch ) and herself. She is just about everywhere, as her husband , Nayanbhai tells her, she is a human-doing and not a human being. She lives life to the fullest and inspires a lot of us to do the same. She has her own boho chic style elements and she is absolutely comfortable in her own skin.

So we talk about Ranna Parikh today.

Name: Ranna Parikh

Age : 49 years

Profession:  Architect n Interior Designer ( Might I add, one of the most reputed and sought after in her field )

Her sense of style ~~  My style is actually crazy and conservative at the same time…

My profession allows me to dress whichever way I want to. In fact, the notion of  “hatke” in all aspects… like hair, dressing, accessories etc means a better designer…!! crazy but that’s the general belief. Well, that works for me…  (( Well I would say first impressions do matter in professional life. Simple as that, you are your own brand ambassador and what you wear or project is what you might eventually offer . So people like to see first and then give work in designing field ))

I am experimental… I would give everything a try…but would end up with the one that is the most comfortable and stylish (Believe me, I do find stuff like that!!)

Colours are my big fetish… I can’t ever wear anything that’s brown or any of the earthy colours.. They make me feel dull…Sap my energy and generally don’t work for me…:-(

My favorite colour is red… anything in red… and i just must have it!!

I am comfortable in all kinds of clothes… I wear jeans most of the time cause of the nature of my work and related site visits… I love wearing saris… the ones that are easy to drape like Georgette, chiffon and …( I forgot the fabric name  😛 ) If its salwar kameez… it has to be designer.. cause regular salwar kameezes make me feel old, dowdy… and outdated..!!  Skirts are my favorite too… all lengths.. long ones for office wear… the tiny ones for vacation times..!! Also shorts and tights work best on vacations..

Accessories. are something I die for… I am not a gold and diamond person..and I value my junk (costume) jewelry as much as any woman would her diamonds…!! I pick each piece with love and care and Ido have the patience to match it well with my outfits, giving it a carelessly assembled look..(though a lot of thought goes into creating that..!!)

Shoes……… the more the merrier.. the only regret I have in life is that why didn’t I marry a shoe maker????

LOVES TO: I love my work.. I totally enjoy my profession… I love meeting new clients, translating their dreams into reality in terms of furnishing their spaces…I absolutely love to travel… I love meeting people…I read voraciously.. I play the sitar…I am restless by nature.. need to be doing something all the time.. My husband calls me a human doing instead of a human being..:-)

Ranna mam has been one lively soul following her passions. As you might have read by now, she has practically tried her hands at anything that is creative and gives her a chance to express herself, be it playing sitar, be it photography, be it designing lovely houses, offices and children’s space or be it creating special moments for her family. She has a passion for colors which is carried forward in her work in interiors. One look at her creations and you know, they are so  “Ranna” 🙂 And here might I add, My “APPLEBLOSSOM” has been done by her . Such vibrant colors and such fresh feeling.

As we speak of her love for colors, let me tell you, she is phenomenal with children’s spaces and furniture. She can most easily bring a dull space to full life and energy. She’s been covered by Inside Outside and time and again numerous articles have been published on her in TOI , Femina , Simply Gujarati .

You can check her work on!/pages/Lavish-Hair-N-Skin-Studio/291011914260929

I am in love with this woman of strength. Isnt she stylish , can you tell she ‘s 49 ? No ways , she can give young girls a run for their money .

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed featuring this vivacious lady.

Next post is about a young brand manager , über stylish , can easily pass for a model 🙂

Check out this space in next 3 days for the 3rd lady of strength.

Till then , Keep it stylish and smiling 🙂


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