Real woman ~ Abhigya Shukla


~If you had to give one word to describe her, it would be ” Compassionate “.~

Essentially a compassionate soul, creative designer of the label ” Tira mi su “, initiator & promoter of ” Friends of Likir “, a dreamer , traveller , philanthropist , and an excellent writer . One look at her and I always feel, when will I be able to feel so calm and composed. I am talking about ABHIGYA SHUKLA.

She comes from Designing background and runs a designer label ” TIRA MI SU” which exudes her personality. Having a passion for teaching , she has been travelling to Ladakh and now has been actively promoting a brilliant initiative called “Friends of Likir”. She basically aims at nurturing and educating children in remote areas of Ladakh where facilities aren’t easily available but children as they are, are keen to learn, explore, venture out.

So have a look at what she says about her sense of style 🙂

Name :     Abhigya Shukla a.k.a  Eeshe Angmo  ( Eeshe~ Perfect wisdom ,Angmo~ Feminine power : A name given to her in Ladakh  ) or Aby
Age:         33
Profession:  Work with kids and make some clothes.

The wanderer in her trekking elements


How would you describe your style as:


Colour plays a very large role in how I dress and is usually based on factors such as my mood, the weather, the walk I took that day, a song I heard, a movie that I recently watched and its colour palette.

I love natural Indian textiles and weaves. As far as possible, prefer organic.

To me, what we wear needs to have a context.

So when I change tracks from playing the creative designer of  “Tira mi su”  to an educator in the Himalayas, my sense of style varies from bold colour to understated neutral colour palettes. Sometimes they merge. So from a soft layered thermal tops, snug-fitting jeans and a pair of trekking boots I pride myself in effortlessly gliding into a voluminous long skirt paired with a well-cut simple top.  Also tend to wear a lot of white – kurtas, tops, skirts, dresses, slippers.

Accessories-I prefer minimal jewellery so a unique simple silver ring or earrings. The only other gems or stones I might wear on occasion are a string of pearls, some embedded turquoise or amethyst stone.

I wear white Espirit watch and Chanel No.5. Issey Miyake for a change.

I may carry a small black stylish bag or a bold-coloured tout bag to a well-equipped back-pack!

Lately, I’ve rediscovered my love for woollen headgear, leather boots, paisley prints, well-fitted very warm jackets, heat-generating socks & ponchos!

I love hand-woven stoles in warm colours.

Loves to :

I’m passionate about being compassionate.That includes my love for life and all-encompassing, helping children to become free independent thinkers along with balanced emotive human beings. I have taken up an initiative to work with children in remote villages of Ladakh.

I am passionate about swimming in the sea and trekking through high altitude landscapes.

Namely, nurturing my spirit and soul.

Its been about 6 months since I happened to get acquainted with this gorgeous soul and I cant help but admire her strength , her determination and her grit to follow her passion and make people get actively involved into it. Few minutes of interaction with her and you are bound to feel joy and compassion both. Stylish , isn’t she ? Not a slave to fashion by any means yet having her own style elements !!!

Anahita Ginwala ~ Design by TIRA MI SU

Do check out page “Friends of Likir ” on Facebook and do join in for this worthy cause –

Also check out this pretty one’s blog ~

So this was our first REAL WOMAN from the ” Real women ~ Street style ” series.

Keep checking this space to see such amazingly stylish and strong women from different walks of life.

Keep it stylish and smiling 🙂


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