Real Women ~ Street Style


This is the first post of Street style that I have started and damn, I am so excited. I feel like a child wanting to show off all her candies at once to everyone 🙂 . Though it took me few days to sort out what I wanted to write and what would I be eventually projecting. It seems like I have found out. Fashion, style and yet no extra fuss on all of these . So I decided to bring forth some most amazing women whom I know of , let you see who they are, what they do and what are their style elements.

Strength in a woman is a topic very close to my heart .I admire women who have made on their own amidst the normal drama of life that all of us go through. Stuff like going through the teenage crushes to college love , first heart-break to a string later on, first chums to deadly Pms’ s , Sweet sixteen birthday parties to bridal showers and yes baby showers ( Everyone around me is apparently planning, planned or in process of delivering a baby ! ), first interview to office gossips and job changes , contemplations of following current job or following your passion, leading your own life or making compromises for loved ones. These and lot more of such experiences makes one strong . I personally feel the grace and the dignity with which a woman carries herself amidst the adversities makes her a woman of substance.

Since this is essentially a Fashion blog , I would bring to you some fabulous women who have stood out in their respective fields, made a mark in the society and followed a style of their own. They are vivacious, strong, intelligent, compassionate, stylish and absolutely comfortable in their own skin. They dress beautifully, yet dressing up isn’t their only concern. They arent vain. They live for a cause , they create, they make, they write, they teach . They are my “REAL WOMEN” .

Check out my next post in 2 days to meet my First real woman , and I bet you will love her. She is smart, compassionate, bubbly , mysterious , poetic , profound . She s an enigma. So Keep reading this blog post to find who she is .

Till then , Keep it stylish and smiling 🙂




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