Sizing – overhyped ?


While I started making initial attempts at writing , I was always worried about the usage of language. Typically , I have seen usage of big words and fancy language which always would intimidate me and make me question on my knowledge of vocabulary. Having said that , I hence make it a point to write it in as simple as possible way, so that I can get connected to mass .

With the heavy influence of Print media, TV and internet majority of us have a pre conceived notion of whats right and whats not. No, we aren’t talking any philosophy here ( I have a personal blog for that ) but we are talking about Fashion sizes. There , I see a smile . Darn these sizes and ideal one , nope  “ZERO” is doing the rounds in Fashion circuit since a long time. Yes , they are designers dream body size as any garment looks good on them. But really , how many women in the Real world are of those sizes ?

I walk on the streets in Ahmedabad and Baroda ( The place where i belong to ), hardly 1 out of 10 women I come across meet these standards. So what happens to the self-esteem of the others ? Have u ever come across incidences in social gatherings wherein the moment you walk in, a thorough assessment is done of whether you have put on weight or have you reduced weight ? Whether your bums are bigger or your arms are flabbier ? Or did you wear something different to hide them all !!! I have gone through it umpteen number of times and believe you me when I say this, I have now mastered the art of being indifferent to such comments. If I am praised for losing weight , I usually attribute it to the clothes I have worn and if reverse then also I resort to the same line 😛

While I am writing this , the point of highlighting on sizes and real women was to bring to your notice that we live in a real world where there are daily temptations of chocolate milkshakes, chocolates, a maska bun with chai , masala Maggi , yummy pizza and those yum pani puris. If we can’t avoid them , we can eat them moderately and be comfortable with the size that we are, rather than sulking each day about how fat we look or how to get those picture perfect flat tummy . And no that definitely doesnt mean that I am advocating you to follow an unhealthy life pattern.

 All I am saying is , Lets not get too obsessed with the way our bodies look, keep fretting about it and suffer in low self -esteem. Let’s not keep asking same question to the guys around, ” Do i look fat in this dress “? . Let’s not be too obsessed to fit in size S and M . Lets not squeeze into that denim of size 28 and let the bulges do that talking. I say, Lets respect our body and keep it healthy and wear a style that flatters you the best . By you , I reallly mean “YOU” . It’s the confidence and the way you dress to highlight your best assets and downplay ur weaknesses makes u stand apart , not being size zero.

Believe it or not, Size zero’s are good to ogle at on the screens. I am sure all of you must agree , curvy is better and more attractive. So here i share with you the universal size chart . Oh and did I mention there is also a term known as ” Vanity Sizing” ? ( For all of those who feel i feel in “M” of this brand but “L” of other brands, do know that the first brand is sized to make you feel good 😛 )

The reason of writing this piece was to share with you what it feels like to be one amongst many real women existing. I have always been an admirer of strong women and hence we shall cover in the forthcoming post something about real style which women follow. These women will be some whom I really admire for their strengths in their respective fields, who carry themselves confidently and are not bound by any rules. They make their own styles and are real comfortable in their own skin. So size zero or not , I love these women and their styles.

Keep checking this space for more beauty and style each week now on , I promise to be regular in updating 🙂





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