Image basics


People form a general first opinion of you in just first 3 seconds of the meeting. Also research shows that major part of our communication is visual. Hence it becomes important to project ourselves in a right way itself. They say beauty lies within the eyes of the beholder and that looks don’t matter over intelligence, but surely it wouldn’t hurt to look a little more presentable and win the half battle in initial 3 secs only. Many argue, is beauty the only thing to be focused on? We say no, it shouldn’t be the only thing or focus of your life but definitely it speaks a lot about you as a person. Today we see people influenced a lot by fashion through media of all forms, print, television, and internet. But do we really know that while we are dressing up, are we dressing for the right occasion? Are we keeping our age factor and body type in mind?  Is the way we dress, influencing people?

Well all this and lot more forms a part of Image management. It’s not like just dressing you up externally or giving you confidence building class as a personality grooming program. It’s a holistic approach to make you look good and feel good within so that you become a much more confident person. It is a science and an art that provides a framework, addressing all the elements – clothing, grooming practices, body language and etiquette and vocal communication – that help create the right image for each role that a person undertakes at different occasions. Given that each person is unique, image management takes into account the person’s personal style, enhances strengths and downplays weaknesses while making optimal use of resources.

Today we will talk in general about what are the basic body types and how to dress accordingly. I am sure all of us have faced the endless drama of opening the wardrobe daily and figuring out, now what to wear today. Especially if you have somewhere special to go to, the eternal remark is, “ I don’t have anything to wear” or maybe “ I look too fat in this “ , “ this color is not right “, “ this fashion is old “ and so on. Does this all sound like you?

Well it was definitely me about 2 years back. The reason of me reading into image makeovers was basically this. How do I dress in a way that I can highlight my best parts and hideaway the flaws? Let’s accept the reality, hardly about 10-20% of women would be of size zero figure. Rest all whom I like to proudly say Real Women are us who keep dwindling between sizes, trying to look best in the current size or decreasing it ever so patiently.  So should we wait till we become size zero and then only we can look our best or is there some other way out? The answer is here, with us.  Today we will help you understand 4 basic body shapes and how to dress them so that whatever you’re current size maybe, still we can give you perfect visually pleasing attire.

The 4 basic body types are:

1)   Pear shape : Bottom heavy , upper slim

2)   Apple shape: Upper part heavy , bottom slim

3)   Hourglass: well balanced curves and proportionate upper and lower body

4)   Rectangle: almost straight figure with not much curves


They are further classified as we usually aren’t exactly one shape, might be a combination of 2 shapes. Usually Indian women are more on the pear shape. Hardly about 8% women in the world are of classic hourglass shape, so if you are, lady you are blessed. In the further posts we shall discuss each body type individually and give you some style tips on how to dress up these body types .

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