Wardrobe robbing away the space ?


I think each one of us gurls must have gone through this moment atleast once in their life time, for some  it would be a daily routine –  waking up in the morning, opening the wardrobe and staring at it for good 10 minutes and eventually sighing , “ Aarrgh , I don’t have anything to wear “ !! (Even though you might be having at least 50 Tee shirts, 10 denims, 30 Dresses!! )

So here are some suggestions on How you can arrange your wardrobe on the basis of 5 “R” s..

Take everything out of your wardrobe and designate it into one of the following 5 piles.

Return– If you like the piece, it fits you well, it still looks fresh, it goes with many other pieces in your wardrobe and the colour suits you. So basically it is a perfect wonderful piece that has loads of value left simply RETURN it back into your wardrobe.

Relocate – You find a piece that means a lot to you. It may have been an outfit you wore for a special occasion that you no longer wear every day or something that even though it does not fit you any more or it is too young for you, you simply cannot part with it. There will always be such pieces in many wardrobes. (Especially if you are a very sentimental type.)

Renovate– Times change and fashion moves and therefore so must your clothing. Many times an item of clothing does not need to be discarded. It just needs a little revamping or renovating. It is always best to go shopping in your wardrobe to see what you have that can receive a new lease on life simply by shortening, lengthening, dyeing or just new buttons.

Recycle– So you have a piece in your hands which is in great condition, it doesn’t fit, it isn’t your Colour or even your style. In short it is wasting space and reminding you of wasted money. Allow yourself the freedom to let it go onto another home. You have the option of  giving it to a charity store or donate it. Just because it isn’t perfect for you doesn’t mean it has lived its life.

Remove– Aaaah, the final place. These items don’t suit you now, have no emotional attachment, are useless to anyone else so they are only good for the trash or as cleaning cloths. Get them out of your closet and out of your life. Unless as I mentioned they can be reused as  something other than clothing.

Your wardrobe is the place where you go to every morning to set the tone of your day. It is important that everything inside this space speaks to you, makes you feel fabulous and works for and not against you daily.Take the time to ensure that your wardrobe represents you.

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