Weekend Window : The Happiest Flea Market in Ahmedabad

Weekend Window Season 9


What started as an outdoor bazaar in Paris and  termed as “Flea Market”(literal translation of the French marche aux puces,  named after those pesky little parasites that infested the upholstery of old furniture brought out for sale) is now an upscale urban affair in India.

While earlier all cities in India had their own share of ‘Shukrawari’ or ‘Resale Market’,the concept of urban ‘Flea Markets’ started taking shape in India around 2010, mostly in metros like Mumbai and Bangalore. The idea of the modern-day ‘Flea Market’ is to provide an experiential shopping atmosphere.

How could the entrepreneurial ‘Gujju land’ be left behind?

2013 saw the rise of first of its kind of urban markets in Ahmedabad in the form of ‘Weekend Window’– a carnival experience designed and curated by Meera Ambasana Shah and Harshit Shah. They  ‘Weekend Window’ as a classy answer to the  famously blingy Grand Rakhi Melas that were set in the city’s shopping space.

Meera Ambasana Shah & Harshit Shah, Organizer & Promoter of “Weekend Window” ..JPG

Meera Ambasana Shah & Harshit Shah – Founders, Weekend Window

Neither Meera nor Harshit have any formal education in arts or design background, however they have a sharp business acumen to curate the right emerging brands for the novelty of the shoppers. They tapped in the potential of starting the culture of ‘Carnival experience’ in Ahmedabad from their frequent travels across the country and abroad. Having witnessed night markets in Goa and Bangkok where one could find niche & limited edition products from budding artists, the duo felt that Ahmedabad has none of this kind of experience.

An idea that originated from travel expeditions got its first taste of success in its maiden edition in 2013.From 14 brands exhibiting in its first season to now 140 brands in its 9th season, Weekend Window has come a long way. There are exhibitors coming from around 20 cities in this edition, quite a feat, I say. They still travel to the exhibitions across the country to understand the trends in this space and keep innovating to maintain the freshness of the concept.

Those exhibitors who had exhibited in the earlier editions have still stuck on to this ‘High end Happiest Flea market’ in Ahmedabad.

Quality speaks.

Collaboration is the key to modern-day success. No wonder then that in this 9th edition, Ahmedabad would witness a ‘Grand Season’ with associations like Foodaholics in Ahmedabad and Comedy Factory. There would be a ‘Kids corner’, ‘Foodie zone’, ‘Entertainment zone’ and few workshops to keep audience from all age groups interested.

Where :Karnavati Club lawns, S.G Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

When: 13th -15th May 2016

Time: 4.00 pm until midnight ( I guess it means till 11.00 pm)

Weekend Window

So as an Aesthete & Stylist, what do I recommend checking?

Go check these brands and tell me if you like them as much as I do:

  1. CHHAPA 
  3. DESIGNERDS ( Accessories)
  5. FLEUR ( Bath & body products)
  6. RESHA
  7. BOB FRAGNOIL ( Oil based perfumes)
  8. BROWNFOLDS ( Paper products)
  14. ALL GOOD SCENTS ( Perfumes)
  15. AMODA
  16. NOYA
  17. Ri.An

So go ahead… its time to shop-explore-indulge !


‘Shackles of Society’ – Hashmita Khalsa


All my life I have believed that “God made men and CREATED women.”

It is indeed a boon to be one. We frequently talk about gender equality and other such burning issues of the society. I believe, men and women complement each other. They are the YIN & YANG in the continuum of life. But I have also realized that not all of us are able to cherish this boon of who we are. It seems to be a gigantic task to uproot the age old mentality of the perceived bias in the gender space in our society. This definitely calls for a reality check.

We women, I believe, are the stronger gender. We have a compassionate heart that knows how to love. We do cry often and are courageous enough to accept our weakness. We are capable do anything that our mind can think of .Yes we can live all alone by ourselves. However we do not shy away from accepting the fact that we are incomplete without you. We do complement the other gender, don’t we?

I sincerely believe that both men and women complement and complete each other, with their strengths and weaknesses.

Women’s liberation and rights have been much talked about across the globe. However the situation is pretty much skewed still. While there are deliberations over women’s liberation and pledge for parity in one part of the world, a scared and lifeless Nirbhaya is breathing her last breath unable to comprehend the trauma that she just went through. While there are associations of women entrepreneurs and professionals advocating policies and solutions for equality at work-place, there are millions of women who are suffering from domestic violence and mental trauma. When a nation is celebrating the success of top women entrepreneurs, a small village in the hinterlands is celebrating the child marriage of 9 year old girl with 25 year old man.

Such is the dichotomy in the country.

What could be the possible reasons for such a high contrast in gender treatment?

The lack of education or the courage to stand up for oneself?
The stifling patriarchal system or the gender role conditioning?

Let me share a small story of Ira and Ravi, a modern day couple.

Ira was a charming & attractive girl who had weaved a few dreams of her own but had very little expectations from her family and society at large. She was lucky to have been born in a family that supported her dreams and let her fly high. All that she wanted for herself was good education so that she could support herself financially and be independent, always. Her confidence grew once her parents encouraged her to choose a non-conventional career over the stereotypical ones.

As the story unfolds, Ira gets married at the right marriageable age to Ravi.

She had barely met him twice and yet agreed to marry him. Maybe she felt he was right, maybe their families were known. She knew this would be a different phase of her life, away from the comfort of the known. Yet one never knows the degree of change that one might face after this phase of life.

It was barely one year of their marriage and misunderstandings started cropping up between the couple. Ira , the jubilant and cheerful one, was now battling depression owing to the discord between her and Ravi. In the course of years, Ravi’s business fell apart adding further responsibility of the family on Ira. Though their relationship was dead and lifeless, they brought in kids. Ira took upon her to provide for the family as the better half and contributed financially through her work. They were like room-mates, behaving as couple to please the family and society. While Ravi was a caring father, he was hardly bothered about the financials. Maybe lack of money didn’t bother him, but it bothered Ira that he wasn’t worried about future.

Day after day, she went through the same routine. Not because she was in love but only because she did not have the courage to walk out of this dead relation. Societal pressure of maintaining a marriage and the fear of public shaming stopped her from taking this step.
Who exactly was at fault here? No one in particular but just the situation and different mind sets.

I leave you with a question here.

Even in 2016, educated and enlightened women are still finding it difficult to live a life on their own terms for the fear of societal ridicule. They still stay in the institution of marriage, not because they want to, but because they have to. They are capable of providing for the family, they are accepting the role reversals too. However are men able to adjust with the role reversals in the modern society? 

Can the society , made of us all- men and women, give this very basic freedom to choose a healthy life of their own choice regardless of gender ?

( The Featured Image is an artwork by Wendy Carter)


Hashmita Khalsa is an Image Consultant, Coach and Motivator at Pearl Images in Ahmedabad. Having studied Educational Psychology & Business Management, Hashmita loves to bring transition in people’s lives through her Image Consulting & training sessions. She loves reading, writing, styling and designing as well.

Ruby Jagrut on Gender Equality-‘Do it Yourself’


When I was told to write about gender equality I was not very sure how to begin. I have lived a fairly good life with all the perks and privileges given to me just like how they would be given to my brother or husband.

However, when I look around the society I can vouch for it that being a woman; I have always gotten an edge over men. As women, we tend to live in two different worlds and can co-exist with men without having to prove superiority. The topic of gender equality thus keeps changing its meaning.

While there is a widespread issue of lack of knowledge of basic human rights, lack of opportunities for education and thereby resulting financial dependence, I am a firm believer of ‘Do it yourself’ principle.

The one who wants to fight it out would fight under in any circumstances.

To share with you from my personal experience in the family, my grandmother left her husband (My grandfather) in mid of 1940’s in order to move from the small village of Idar to a bigger city of dreams – Ahmedabad. Her sole agenda was to provide quality education to her four sons and improve their chances at fulfilling their dreams. My grandfather was a respectable zameendaar of this village. He did not want to get displaced from his comfort zone and let go off his respectable societal status by starting from scratch in the new city. My grandmother’s move was condemned not only by the family but also by the entire society. Remember it was 1940’s.

She started her life in Ahmedabad as a daily wager in a small coal factory and worked hard to provide education to her sons. It was only much later, that she was lauded by everyone for her grit and courage. She did bear the flak of the society initially, but she overcame all of this alone as she believed in herself and her dreams for her sons.

In the rural Indian scenario, women grow up listening to the sacrificial stories of Sita and Savitri. They are made to believe that it is virtuous to suffer and sacrifice for the greater good of men. I wonder why Draupadi is never quoted as an example. Why do we name our daughters Sita and Savitri but never Draupadi ?

Are we shy to accept the open talks about the polygamous status of Draupadi that is passed on in mythology? Are we afraid to admit that she questioned and yet lived in that society?

Are we conditioned to accept the virtuous over the courageous?

We belong to the society where Sita sacrificed her life for her virtue, where Radha’s playfulness was sung in the hymns and where self righteous Meera was poisoned.  All these characters have one thing in common – they all did what they felt was right, at that point and time. They believed in what they did and stood up for themselves.

In the current times, I feel disappointed when I see well educated women, who are aware about gender equality as a concept, measure their status in the society on the basis of the designer labels that their husbands provide for them. On one hand they talk about equality as one of the fads, and on the other hand they are fine being subjugated to patriarchal norms of a well-off family.

In my opinion, men and women can never be compared. They both are different, meant to complement, not compete.

As a mother of two daughters, I do know for sure, I will stand up for my rights, not only as a woman but as a human and be a living example of strength for my daughters. I wish a society in which women have the strength to believe in themselves and stand up for their rights.



Ruby Jagrut is a prolific contemporary artist & painter based out of Ahmedabad who has used the techniques of Natural Dyeing, a rare medium that is on the verge of extinction, as the only medium for her magnificent works. She promotes and encourages the ‘Natural Dyes’ as a medium to express her creativity. In other life, exuberant and vivacious Ruby loves coffee, conversations & sarees.


A Liberal Arts Student’s perspective -Gender Policing


I’ve gone through life being confused about gender equality and women empowerment, often using the word interchangeably.

Until recently, I believed that empowering women would be the only way of achieving gender equality. I’ve come to realize I was wrong. Suppression of the womenfolk has made these terms synonymous but there is another side to the story which is often sidelined. Gender is something that should not be taken into consideration when it comes to rights, freedoms and opportunities, but unfortunately this is not the case. We constantly see discrimination, and participate in it ourselves, unknowingly.

Here forth I have taken the liberty of generalizing.

Generally, women in India are treated inferior to men, and face numerous challenges both from their families and the society. Problems range from something as small as not being able to wear the dress a woman likes because it is “too short” and attracts the wrong kind of attention, to almost inevitably being groped by disrespectful men in a crowded place, from not being able to study beyond a certain degree, to being married of to another family because “what will people say?”.

The question we have to ask ourselves here is, what gives men this idea that they can touch someone else intimately without their consent and get away with it? What makes families believe that after a certain age women are considered “un-marriageable”?

I believe it trickles down to the false sense of superiority that patriarchy awards the masculine gender. It all comes down to a sense of power, which in the Indian patriarchy lies with men.

Here I want to bring to light the flip side of the coin. Patriarchy, not only suppresses women, it also preys on men. The amount of pressure put on a man to be the “bread earner” is ridiculous. Until very recently, it was considered a man’s duty to maintain his parents after his marriage, a man had to dress a certain way and behave a certain way to be accepted by society.

This is where the concept of Gender Policing comes in, a concept which is very important for us in order to achieve clarity in understanding Gender Equality.

A lot of people think of gender policing as limiting the male and female gender to traditional gender roles, thus alienating the LGBT Community but I’d like to think of it as more. Gender policing is typically the imposition of traditional gender roles based on the perceived sex of the individual, where you see a woman is called a “dyke” or a “lesbian” for wearing her hair short and a man is called a “coward” for displaying emotions.

What I mean is, where for women (in India) it is fine to stay at home and play the role of the homemaker, a man who does the same is ostracized and frowned upon. What is this but the imposition of gender roles?

Thus I’d like to conclude by saying that gender equality is the OMISSION of gender completely from the equation! It is for all genders to be respected and be given the freedom that they deserve, which will ultimately result in a better world.

IMG-20160308-WA0005 (2).jpg

Arunima Dayanand is a student of Literature in English at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University. She loves to read, write and hit the snooze button whenever she has the opportunity.

She loves cats. And dogs.

And when it rains cats and dogs. 

Best Dressed – Oscars 2016


For every phenomenon in the world, there is a mass opinion.

Then, there is your own personal opinion.

Sometimes, you seem to be in sync with the mass opinion, sometimes not.

I say, stick to your own flavour.

Unlike 2015 when stylists experimented with colours for the Red Carpet, Oscars 2016 witnessed a rather conservative approach when it came to selection of colours of the Red Carpet gowns.

Black, White, Ivory, Gold, Red, Blue and Green ruled the Red Carpet followed by few looks in blush pink, tangerine orange, marsala, champagne, yellow and Oriental floral embroidery.

It would be safe to say stylists played safe in colours but ventured in silhouettes and fabric textures : Deep necklines grazing till navel, cut out neck lines, sheer fabrics, textured fabrics with 3D embroidery and knife pleats.

So here is my list of the ‘Best Dressed List for Oscars 2016’.

Oscar 2016 Best dressed, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, fashion Blogger in Gujarat, Fashion trends 2016, Red carpet looks, Top fashion Bloggers in India, Cate Blanchett, Armani Prive blue dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, Roger vivier clutch

1. Cate Blanchett wearing an Armani Privé dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and a Roger Vivier clutch.

Cate Blanchett looked as elegant as her character Carol. Stunning floral feathers and crystals adorned this dainty Limpet Shell blue shaded( One of the two Pantone Shades of 2016) floor length Armani Prive dress.

Elegance personified, indeed.

Oscar 2016 Best dressed, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, fashion Blogger in Gujarat, Fashion trends 2016, Red carpet looks, Top fashion Bloggers in India, Jennifer Lawrence, Dior, Chopard, Lingerie , Black

2. Jennifer Lawrence wearing a Dior Haute Couture dress and Chopard jewels.

She is a perfect combination of vulnerability coupled with sultriness. Jennifer Lawrence scored the Sultriest Red Carpet look at the Oscars 2016 with her lingerie-inspired Fashion trend look by Dior. Her ‘Joy’ knew no bounds with Chopard jewels.

Sexy, isn’t she?

Oscar 2016 Best dressed, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, fashion Blogger in Gujarat, Fashion trends 2016, Red carpet looks, Top fashion Bloggers in India, Priyanka Chopra, Quantico, Baywatch, Zuhair Murad, Lorraine Schwartz, White, Floral

3. Priyanka Chopra wearing a Zuhair Murad dress and $3.2 million worth of Lorraine Schwartz jewels.

By now if you are fashion savvy, you would have figured the floral textured fabrics ruling the Red carpets this season. Another example was our very own Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra who has been grabbing eye balls with her role in Quantico. Dressed in the structured cage bustier mermaid dress in white silk tulle, she looked ravishing. Her attire was also adorned with 3D shimmering climbing flowers.

Hello Hollywood, says the singer-actor from Bollywood.

Oscar 2016 Best dressed, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, fashion Blogger in Gujarat, Fashion trends 2016, Red carpet looks, Top fashion Bloggers in India, Margot Robbie, Gold, Tom Ford, Forevermark jewellery, Gold dress

4. Margot Robbie wearing a Tom Ford dress and The Row purse with Forevermark jewelry.

Resplendent in the gold shimmer tailored to perfection by Tom Ford, Margot Robbie looked every bit of the 70’s Diva. Her blonder hair was matched to perfection with the golds of her dress.

Disco, anyone?

Oscar 2016 Best dressed, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, fashion Blogger in Gujarat, Fashion trends 2016, Red carpet looks, Top fashion Bloggers in India, Rooney Mara, Givenchy, Stuart Weitzman, Fred Leighton,

5. Rooney Mara wearing a Givenchy dress, Stuart Weitzman heels and Fred Leighton jewels.

If the Red Carpet witnessed its moment of creative cuts, it had to be this. Givenchy’s ivory Haute Couture gown was every bit experimental in its texture and above the navel rhomboid cut would go on to become iconic. Rooney Mara looked flawless in her chic hair do and dark lips.

Oscar 2016 Best dressed, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, fashion Blogger in Gujarat, Fashion trends 2016, Red carpet looks, Top fashion Bloggers in India, Charlize Theron, Dior, Harry Winston, Red dress

6. Charlize Theron wearing a Dior Haute Couture dress and $3.7 million worth of Harry Winston diamonds.

The ‘Mad Max’ star Charlize Theron looked stunning in the daringly plunging Red Dior Haute Couture dress. Her neat blonde hair do and the diamond pendant finished her impressive Red Carpet appearance for the Oscars 2016.

Oscar 2016 Best dressed, Falguni Patel, Appleblossommy, fashion Blogger in Gujarat, Fashion trends 2016, Red carpet looks, Top fashion Bloggers in India, Julianne Moore, Chanel, Chopard

7. Julianne Moore wearing a custom Chanel Haute Couture gown and Chopard jewels.

If classic was the question, Julianne Moore would be the answer. Looking every bit charming in her Chanel Haute Couture gown, Julianne cut a striking image at the Red Carpet Oscar 2016. Simple mid hair parting and classic Chopard jewels finished her look.

In my opinion, these seven women and their Stylists did the perfect mash-up of current Fashion trends with the classic Red Carpet colours.

What did you think about these looks ? Did your list match with mine?

Share in your comments:)



Saree Tales from Sri Lanka – Fashionmarket.lk

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion, fashionmarket.lk, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Have you ever thought that you were born too late ? Probably you wanted to be a 60’s or a 70’s child ?

I have felt it innumerable times, the strong urge to be a part of the cultural movement in the 60’s and 70’s – of the equality, of social justice, of exploration, of disco music, of pop & bohemian fashion, of Hindi art cinema and of slow life.  Of a time when listening to Akashwani radio playing the favourite tunes brought in the biggest smile, when sipping chai on a rocking cane chair in the verandah filled with flowers was just about a daily routine and of the time when options were lesser, but life was fuller. 

So while I was living, loving the #30daysareelove phase and indulging myself in the slow life that I was trying to build around me, I came across this earthy and classic e-commerce portal from Sri Lanka that promoted the local talent, local artisans and crafts – Fashionmarket.lk

Fashionmarket.lk is the venture started by Linda Speldewinde,a leader in development of Fashion industry in Sri Lanka & founder of Academy of Design, Peshakala and Sri Lanka Design Festival, in 2015.  One look at this e-commerce portal and you would know that this site is here to stay, promoting the indigenous textiles of Sri Lanka in the modern silhouettes to suit the needs of the global audience. They create apparels & accessories for both men and women by collaborating with designers from the Academy of Design and promoting local crafts forms – Dumbara weaving and Batik dyeing in the contemporary forms and clean cuts. Sustainability & up-cycling is the core philosophy of fashionmarket.lk

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion, fashionmarket.lk, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat

Perfect Office wear : The vertical & horizontal stripes in grey & red with a crop top

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion, fashionmarket.lk, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Evening Date : Blue Sapphire mixed with shades of grey

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion, fashionmarket.lk, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Art Soiree : Elegant tones of deep and light beige teamed with a deep toasted coffee khadi crop top

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion, fashionmarket.lk, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Office Wear : Maroon & Grey Marble saree with traditional Sri Lankan Batik print

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion, fashionmarket.lk, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Brunch date : Pale pink rose saree teamed with black & white monochrome crop top

fashion blogger, saree, Trends 2016, How to wear modern saree, cotton saree, sri lankan fashion, fashionmarket.lk, Falguni Patel, appleblossom, Gujarat, fashion blogger in Gujarat, 30daysareelove , 100sareepact

Luxe party : This cream ivory handwoven saree teamed with monochrome schemed top brings in the luxe glam.

What I like :

Fashionmarket.lk has the most interesting collection of sarees, besides their other range of apparels. Sarees that can be worn from day to night, from office wear to party wear and even friend’s wedding wear with right accessories and styling. Each designer of fashionmarket.lk has ensured to keep the overall design sense minimalist & muted.

For me brights colour schemes work the best, however, the under toned and earthy colours of each saree interested me more in them. They brought in the ‘old world charm’ for me, the feeling that I was describing at the start of the blog.

Style Tips :

  1. Play with the designs of the blouse- crop top, high neck blouse, collared shirt, angarkha top or a peter-pan collared top. 
  2. Team it with tribal silver accessories for the brunch, evening party or a casual outing.
  3. Team it with simple pearls or gold studs for an office wear look.

Do write in to us if you liked this brand & the blog post. I would love to hear your comments.

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Until next post. 




#30daySareeLove woven in looms across India



The six yards of sheer pleasure of breathable cottons, crisp silks, buttery chiffons. Wearer’s delightful zing. Observer’s palpable curiosity mixed with wonder.

So, since when did wearing a saree became the conversation starter ?

Maybe since 2014 I guess.

After the initial admiration of the saree and style, the immediate question I received was ‘Is there some social function ? Are you celebrating Traditional day ?’

And every time I kept negating the cliched questions. No, I honestly love wearing sarees, I would answer and try explain the much obvious love.

What exactly happened to the societal ideas of daily wear dressing? It made me think.

The globalization did impact the aesthetics of Indians. There was a paradigm shift from draping sarees to quickly tying sulwar kameezes in the 70’s. Later denims took over the markets and seeped in the daily Indian wear. Most of Indian homes would have witnessed this change . The way ‘moms’ progressed from wearing cotton sarees as a daily wear to easy breezy sulwar kameez and then to the quintissential ‘Kurti’ and denims showcases the evolution of fashion in Indian culture. The society saw a progressive shift and adaptations became easier and acceptable.

The Fashion journey from the days of Smita Patil’s muted cotton khadi sarees to Madhuri’s trendy sulwar kameez, from Deepika’s Kurti & distressed denims to back to Kalki Koechelin’s linen sarees, has been mesmerizing for me indeed.

Wearing ‘kurti’ or ‘Blouson’ and denim is the norm of the day. For the trendy fashionistas who love the fads, it is the latest ‘dress’ or ‘skirt’ available on the Myntra’s and the Jabong’s or well, hail the local tailor.

Saree thus is the modern fashion Disruptor.

No wonder it became the focal point of conversations for the 30 days when I decided to wear saree to work. Yes #30daysareelove was my way of professing love for these six yards that I have so lovingly collected from places far & flung. Curating & collecting sarees from different regions of India became almost like an obsession. Beg, borrow, steal was the mantra for these 30 days and a friend who also is a saree lover was at the rescue. I ended up borrowing and well buying. Let’s leave the beg and steal part for now. From the local block prints of Gujarat to Puneri chequered cottons, from the Bengal cotton Tant to Mysore cotton silk, from the ikats of Orissa to the weaves of North east, from the white Kerala Onam saree to the trendy pastel chiffons, I wore it all for the love of #30daysareelove.

Meanwhile I read about the 100sareepact, a movement started by Ally Matthan and Anju Kadam who shared the same saree love. They were out there narrating their saree story through this pact. More & more women joined in and it almost translated into a movement, to bring in the old, to indulge in the comfort of the known and to bask in the slow life of yesteryears.

Here in Gujarat, I lived my #30daysareelove.


Soft Grey North Eastern weave teamed with Mashru Red silk blouse and Coin Jewellery



Traditional off-white Onam Saree with gold border teamed with olive green gajji silk bouse 


Puneri Cotton saree in Aqua blue checks teamed with a Black linen blouse 


Green & Red traditional colours in cotton blend teamed with ivory silk blouse 


Bubble-gum pink Bengal Tant saree teamed with a denim blouse 

You might want to reinvent this fashion disruptor in 2016. Take some cues from these style tips and add some quirk to the desi handlooms.

Style Tips :

  1. Saree can be fun wear if you experiment a little with colours and styles. Try monochromes, colour blocks and absolute contrasts when you team the Blouse.
  2. Say no to the standard blouses. Opt for smart crop tops in denims, lace, batik and khadi.
  3. Wear the saree over a collared shirt if you want to stand out.
  4. Opt for floral angarkha with plain linens/chiffon sarees.

If you too are a saree lover and want to contribute/comment in this saree narrative, feel free to  email me on drpatel.falguni@gmail.com

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Until next post.